MAT·TER (madər/ noun) – physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; that which occupies space [1].


Matter is everything around us; down to the smallest atom, up to the largest star and beyond. It’s  defined as anything that has a physical existence: and that, of course, includes us too [2].

One well-known passage of scripture says that there’s an appointed time for every matter under heaven; another says that God created everything for a purpose.  In some translations of the Bible, “matter” is replaced by “purpose”: which means that  – like the billions of particles, elements, and other matter in the universe – each of us has a purpose too.

Simply put: if we exist, we matter, because He made us.

So live your purpose. It’s your time.


Romans 8:28, Ecclesiastes 3:1 (ESV, NKJV), Proverbs 16:4.


[1] – Google, accessed 12/15/15.

[2] – NASA Dictionary; “Matter”.  Accessed 12/15/15.


Many thanks to NASA for the Milky Way photo.

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