Zodiac cusp love compatibility

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Or unavailable for some other reason. These types want to know you care and like to have loving partners, but they also may not easily commit to showing up consistently or being on time. With certain adjustments, both have the potential to be happy together.

Zodiac cusp love compatibility

Also, they tend to be quite intolerant towards sloppiness, irresponsibility, and uncompetitiveness. They are drawn to lovers who are living for a higher ideal and will do what it takes to accomplish their dreams. Both these signs appreciate the blessing of a home, family, and put loyalty as the topmost priority in their relationship, even though the reasons for the same vary. They are likely to be expressive, creative, and cheerful. Here, a Virgo does an impeccable job to impress them, as this zodiac sign is known for being dutiful, devoted, prim and proper, and quite the perfectionist. Nonetheless, what should be kept in mind is what side of the two zodiacs tend to dominate the individual? However, considering the fact that the presence of other contributing determinants also influences one's personality, don't be surprised if you see this April cusp with a completely unexpected sign! Either take the lead or be highly adaptable, but never just stagnate in the middle, or complain about circumstances with these cusp folks. That being said, one cannot ignore the flip side of this personality, that this cusp can be easily offended and can interchange the halos with horns, if provoked. If an understanding is established in this aspect, these two are pretty much the partners in crime, fun, laughter, and more! She is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Aquarius-Pisces February 16thst The Aquarius-Pisces cusp combines the wit and eccentricity of Aquarius with the dreamy, poetic nature of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by the water element and has mutable qualities, which means it will easily adapt, or, take the shape of any container it is poured into. Hence, the best match for Aries-Taurus cusp comes down to the signs mentioned above. Remember we said that this cusp needs someone who can be the source of inspiration, the pillar behind the success? Not only are you full of liveliness and unfiltered joy, but you also carry with you a strong warmth that spreads effortlessly towards others. The imbalance that they tend to feel within due to the influence of the dual-elements and planets that rule them, can very well be balanced when in the company of the sign that is known as "The Balancer or Harmonizer" of the zodiac chart. This means that those born on July 19 are more of Cancerians, while those born on July 23 are more of Leos. Therefore, no matter how changeable, dominant, demanding, flustered, caring, intuitive, jealous, or unruly Aries-Taurus' tend to be, a Pisces will 'always' understand. While the cusp wants it for show-off and power, the crab wants it for security. They partner well with those who are devoted and like a high degree of intimacy and to spend a lot of time together. Being ruled by the water element and governed by mutable qualities, those belonging to this zodiac can transform into any shape and size as their lover wishes them to be. The water element that rules the crab adds to the emotional quotient of this pair. You fall in love wholeheartedly. The traits of a Cancer-Leo are somewhat dual in nature; not like a Gemini though. Capricorn-Aquarius cuspers may seem outwardly quiet or mysterious, but on the inside, their thoughts and emotions are bouncing around nonstop. Because of this, you tend to fall in love very honestly, very fully, and very securely.

Zodiac cusp love compatibility

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  1. While the company of an Aquarian wouldn't do well to give our swinging sign a sense of stability, perhaps the two will just swing along from one adventure to the other.

  2. Yes, we know that the goat is stubborn, somewhat traditional, but it is also ambitious and focused. On on hand, this cusp prioritizes harmony, but they place an equally emphasis on honesty and depth.

  3. Yes, the moodiness of the both of them may cause conflicts that might include some hurtful and insensitive exchange of words, but these conflicts will only pave way to kiss and make up. But what works with Virgo as their partner is that the Virgin isn't competitive.

  4. Feb 19, The Oscillating Tendencies of this Cusp! You are both hopeful and logical, joyful and sincere — and this definitely reflects in the way you fall for another person.

  5. The traits that these cusps possess fail to be compatible with even themselves, arising a constant inner conflict in their minds. You fall fiercely and intensely and show all the outward signs of being in love, but when it comes to verbally communicating this with your significant other, you can sometimes clam up due to being overwhelmed.

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