Zip code cap haitien

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Layaille Cave and waterfall which is in the communal section of Juanaria. Tourism Given the government's efforts to provide the city with basic infrastructure, local authorities believe that Hinche now has the opportunity to sell its tourism potential. The city was founded on what was the Taino village called 'Guarico' by a dozen adventurers under the command of Pierre Lelong. Sports On the sporting side, on December 6th, the emblem of Creole rap, as the Hinchois call it, the Barikad Crew group, has drained a huge crowd at the Hinche stadium.

Zip code cap haitien

Leisure As for Leisure, the commune has a library, it has two theaters, but no movie theater. Its inhabitants bear the name of Capois. However, there are many sites in the town that could arouse the admiration of visitors. Tourism Given the government's efforts to provide the city with basic infrastructure, local authorities believe that Hinche now has the opportunity to sell its tourism potential. Thanks to funding from the European Union, part of the Port-au-Prince-Hinche section km was built up to Mirebalais. The caves and the fall of Bassin Zim, located just 8 km from Hinche. This was achieved with heavy exploitation of African slaves imported from Africa. Communication In the field of Communication, the town has a telephone service with over lines. May This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines. He left behind 39 of his men, who, before the return of Columbus, were all killed by the natives exasperated by their exactions. Agriculture, Livestock and Trade remain the main economic activities of the municipality of Hinche. Two kindergartens, many primary schools, ten literacy centers and eight secondary schools were inventoried in the commune. It is coastal, its dominant relief is the plain and its climate is normal. They plan their holidays from a website made available by the Pandiassou team: With its mystical attributes, they would provide fortune and healing to pure souls. There are also three technical and vocational centers, one law school and a private institution of higher level. Communal map of Hinche, Haiti Neighborhoods. Saint-Andre school Health The Ministry of Public Health has been represented in the municipality of Hinche for eight years by a departmental office. The population reached 15, inhabitants in It operates six radio and four TV stations. The other part of the road 54 km is undergoing rehabilitation. Transportation The infrastructure of Hinche is not well-developed. The streets are generally narrow and arranged in grids. Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. Utilities The commune of Hinche has three rivers, eleven springs, lakes, several wells and public fountains. A swimming competition is also held in Lorobe district located 6 km from Hinche in one of the 50 artificial lakes in the region.

Zip code cap haitien

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