You typically are attracted to melancholies of the opposite sex

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They are imaginative and adventurous and seek someone who shares the same traits without being competitive with them. They see their love partners as assistants; their love preferences are based on common sense and compatibility. Choleric people approach dating in the same manner they approach other issues in their lives — they analyze their hopes and needs, as well as the potential partner. I was hoping to find a more idealistic view of why we are attracted to people in this post. People with this temperament are attracted by those who are good listeners, smart at handling conflicts and disagreements and have other recognized social skills.

You typically are attracted to melancholies of the opposite sex

The study, conducted on mice, revealed that a subset of neurons in the hypothalamus — a brain region — drives both attraction to the opposite sex and sexual behaviour. Dating for them is always seeking for marriage or long-term committed relationship and they have a tendency to look for bonding, nurturing and attachment with a potential partner or date. Enjoy learning, reads for long hours with ferocious appetite for books. If your father had a bad temper, you might be attracted to a person with a bad temper. Can speak too much at times. If you go into a relationship hoping to give love, hoping to create some of the security the other person is looking for, you are better off and your relationship stands a chance. This is the reason why they are usually attracted to their own type, especially when they are willing to settle down and start the family. These people are also generous and are likely to give gifts early in the relationship. They are sensitive to the needs of their partners and have a big heart. The phlegmatic is a natural peacemaker. To them sex and love are interconnected — the exact opposite of typical sanguine approach. People with mixed choleric-sanguine temperament are very self-sufficient and need a lot of time alone. In short, these people enjoy the traditions associated with dating and a relationship. But it will be realistic love, not redemption. They can plan things in advance and it is important to them that romance goes as planned. Do not change lanes and indecisive at the slightest trouble. They like intense and complicated music and the rhythmic side of them is even present in the way that they talk. Sanguinic Love Because this is the most adventurous of four temperaments, Sanguines are most compatible with their own type. Because phlegmatic people have rich fantasy life, they tend to idealize their partners. The individual who has this type of temperament enters a room mouth first in noisy, blustering and friendly ways. But look around, look at how many couples are unhappy. For most sanguines , sex is often a recreation, sometimes not even linked with loving or even really liking their partner. Calm and never in a hurry no matter the circumstances around. When the Choleric starts a project, there are tendencies of running into roughshod over individuals that may stand in the way. Easily attracted by external impressions that causes an outburst of response. If so you are predominately a Sanguine or Choleric.

You typically are attracted to melancholies of the opposite sex

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  1. That narrows the field considerably. It is difficult to get to know them, because they hide their real personality behind tranquility and humor.

  2. Your secondary personality type plays a powerful role in how you love: People with mixed choleric-sanguine temperament are very self-sufficient and need a lot of time alone.

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