Would you date someone with herpes

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They include stress, extreme weather, skin friction, alcohol, lack of sleep, tiredness, some illnesses, long sunlight exposure and trauma. This allows both people to work off a little nervous energy at the same time. Telling my now husband was terrifying when we first started dating. I was torn because I do love her and I could see myself spending the rest of my life with her but, even the best laid plans go awry.

Would you date someone with herpes

So, she told me and I freaked out. I almost married someone who had genital herpes. I never caught it, thankfully since he ended up breaking things off suddenly. You might even be surprised to learn that your partner has been equally concerned about telling you that they have genital herpes or another sexual infection. August 16, at 6: The cold sore virus is only found in the saliva of people who usually have facial cold sores. It can also be transmitted when there are no symptoms present. The reason I ask is that cold sores are caused by a type of virus. Sores in other areas — such as the buttocks and thighs — can be just as contagious as those in the genital area, and care should be taken to avoid direct contact with such sores during sex. Is it safe to take drug treatment for Genital Herpes during pregnancy? The tough would never leave my mind. September 15, at 9: Discussing Genital Herpes with your Partner Many people do not feel comfortable talking about sexuality and sexual health issues. You want to avoid a situation which would be spoilt by a herpes recurrence, for example if you are going on your honeymoon. Because of the limitations of a blood test to diagnose herpes, it is recommended you discuss the implications of the test with someone who has experience with them. But, I do have a family member that gets cold sores, and he gave it to his wife. Our guide is divided into four sections in pdf form: These scenarios are still a possibility but after reading your personal experiences about opening up to potential partners before you slept together has made me feel much better about taking the risk. Your support is very important in helping you and your partner to understand what this means. Your attitude will influence how this news is received. Only instead of getting a cold sore on my mouth, I get one in my genital area. There are benefits gained from expert counselling from your doctor or nurse, or by speaking to a counsellor on the tollfree Herpes Helpline 11 12 Where can I get more information and advice? If your outbreaks are frequent, I really recommend it. And while it upset me to know I had it for life, I also have the chicken pox virus which is another variant of herpes for life—I contracted it before the vaccine existed.

Would you date someone with herpes

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  1. You know herpes is the virus behind lots of things, right? You have another illness which triggers a recurrence of herpes — a course of suppressive therapy may be appropriate until the condition triggering the outbreak has resolved.

  2. Many, many microorganisms we encounter in our environment enter us and change us. Many people who use suppressive therapy say that they get so used to taking the tablets or capsules they are happy to continue with the treatment.

  3. This approach will not have any effect on asymptomatic viral shedding and hence its effect on reducing herpes transmission is unclear and not likely to be very significant.

  4. Aciclovir has been used for this indication for a number of years now and found to be highly effective in controlling herpes recurrences.

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