Who is quinn dating on glee

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Later, they are seen looking at Beth in the hospital nursery. Puck is still her boyfriend. Quinn is satisfied with Puck until Santana reveals that during the entire night Puck was sexting her, not texting Mike. Quinn Dianna Agron and Santana Naya Rivera The electricity between these two was always insane, so I'm kind of surprised the universe didn't implode when they finally stopped beating around the bush — so to speak — after Will and Emma's first wedding.

Who is quinn dating on glee

Her baby bump is starting to show a bit in this episode. Quinn tearfully admits that Puck is the father and attempts to apologize but Finn in tears, breaks up with her, quits the club and runs away. Quinn is seen smiling at her and leaning forward, which implies they are going to have sex again. Rachel Lea Michele and Jesse St. Offended, Quinn instead rejects her offer and tells her to give up one of her yearbook pages to the Glee Club as she rather be with people who accept her for who she is, forcing Sue to agree. Biff reacts wrongly and insults her, which causes a fight between Puck and Biff. Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter listed her change as a highlight of the episode, and hoped to see more of her new attitude. That said, who knows what the future holds for these two? While singing True Colors at the end of the episode, they both share a look and Puck looks sad. Quinn replies, "I happen to know Puck cares about me. Back at school, Finn gives Quinn his blanket from when he was a baby and says that he wants to do everything he can to be a great father. They begin singing Love Song. I was so nervous". Puck wheels her into the hospital, followed by the whole Glee Club. Quinn then asks, "Did you love me? Santana says that she hates Valentine's Day and weddings, and Quinn says she hates men except for some, comparing them all to pigs. The Power of Madonna When Rachel asks for help with boys and sex, Quinn requests she stop talking as she is grossing her baby out. Puck seems thrilled to have the opportunity. She says he should go be a rockstar and not worry about the baby. That's right, folks, Artie was once in a love triangle of sorts with Glee's top lesbian duo. Journey The episode starts with a flashback to just before Puck and Quinn had sex and conceived Beth. Kitty convinces Quinn, whom she idolizes, that Jake Puckerman Jacob Artist , Puck's half brother, is pressuring Marley into having sex with him. Let that sink in for a minute. Quinn complains about living with Puck's mom and feels grateful when Mercedes offers to have Quinn move out of Puck's house and move in with her instead. He denies it, but Quinn knows better, and he eventually admits it. Knees are very sensitive, I've learned.

Who is quinn dating on glee

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  1. Spencer Marshall Williams and Alistair Finneas O'Connell It was bold of Glee to introduce a new relationship like this with less than five episodes left, but it totally worked. Remembering how Rachel stood up to Dakota, Quinn comes to understand that self-confidence doesn't necessarily involve putting other people down and confronts Sue about it.

  2. Sam Chord Overstreet and Mercedes Amber Riley This unlikely pair was one of the brighter spots of Season 5, and it's a shame things didn't work out between them. At the end of the episode, the whole school finds out about her pregnancy.

  3. But both of them have changed—Quinn more so than Finn—and having them dating again seems like they're going back to the days when Quinn was the icy lead Cheerio and Finn was the nice but dumb star quarterback.

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