When do old women stop sex

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For example, some drugs used to treat depression or high blood pressure can blunt interest in sex or cause difficulty reaching orgasm. Your vaginal walls may weaken This mainly applies to women entering the menopause. And can we—should we—change that?

When do old women stop sex

High blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and incontinence can all nudge sex aside. A research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine reports that women between the ages of 40 and 65 who place greater importance on sex are more likely to stay sexually active as they age. Heart disease can reduce the amount of blood that reaches sex organs, making it difficult to fill the blood vessels around the vagina that are crucial for adequate lubrication and arousal. Whether that seems a little or a lot is totally your business, but one thing is for sure - "dry spells" happen to even the most libidinous of people. Sex is a topic you usually discuss behind closed doors with your partner or during lunch with your closest friends glass of wine optional. Young women may experience a lack of sex differently Image: Medications for a variety of conditions can have anti-sex side effects. You lose your libido Yes, when it comes to your sex drive it seems it's a case of "use it or lose it. Getty Images What causes this - as well as thinning vaginal walls - is a lack of the hormone, oestrogen. Frequent sexual intercourse is associated with reduced heart attack risk. And can we—should we—change that? Getty "For some people who refrain from sex, they begin to feel more sluggish, with less vitality and hunger for sex," Sari Cooper, LCSW, certified sex therapist told Reader's Digest. Whatever the story behind your fallow bedroom times, a lack of sex will unsurprisingly have a knock-on effect on your body and general psyche. Jan Leslie Shifren, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School, and co-author of the Harvard special report Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond. You may experience a loss of lubrication Another side-effect which applies principally to older women, apparently the vagina struggles to get lubricated when you start having intercourse after a hiatus. Here's what you can expect to happen when you're not having regular sex. Go on date nights. Drink alcohol in moderation, since large amounts of alcohol can dampen sexual reflexes, trigger hot flashes, and disrupt sleep. Shifren points out that the research letter did not find that sex was more satisfying for women who stated it was important to them, just that they were more likely to remain sexually active. Many women suffer with period cramps in their abdomens "The uterus is a muscle and many women will actually have a uterine contraction when they orgasm, which will cause the blood to expel more quickly, which will in turn decrease menstrual cramps," Dr Streicher explains. These lifestyle changes can also make a difference: Shifren says treatment is often successful. Eat a healthy diet, which helps prevent heart disease and diabetes, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Is there a time when sex will no longer be on the agenda? Some therapies are simple, such as using a lubricant or low-dose vaginal estrogen for dryness and pain, or swapping one medication with negative side effects for another. But it does make me wonder about the future.

When do old women stop sex

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