When a guy says your hot

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Yes, you have flaws, but somewhere in his heart, he finds you awesome. Despite your encounters with bad people, you are always grinning or ignoring their bad attitude. He sees you as Miss Independent A cute girl is classy, witty, and open-minded. Sometimes, it could just be a sign of pure physical attraction.

When a guy says your hot

This is what pisses off most men because they are looking into settling a simple woman who will not put their finances in jeopardy. Here are the answers that guys gave: You might catch him with a gaping mouth, or his eyes transfixed on you because you are simply jaw-dropping. A post shared by Kate W katekilliams on Oct 11, at 3: If he says you are cute, it means your attitude is cheerful and not stuck up. If him calling you hot makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over, then there is something there that you need to investigate. You have a way of making him happy despite everything that is going on in his life. Beyond physical beauty, there is something about you he likes. All he needs is a single glimpse to realize your beauty. A post shared by m. Maybe you are shy and are not the type to seek cheap attention from people. That could be the reason e refers to you as cute. If he is your BFF, he wants to let you know how gorgeous you look and you deserve the compliment. You may not have the supermodel figure he watches on TV, but you are very attractive. The other pretty girls are so busy trying to please men, but you stand out from the crowd. What one guy finds hot may not be the case to another. So, feel good if a guy calls you cute. Your body is smoking This guy who labels you hot enjoys looking at you because you have a sexy body. He might add some light-hearted statements if he is really into you. You are the type of girl he wants to hold down and not simply take home for one night stand. You are not an expensive chick Every man desires a hot woman, but most of the time, these hot women are high maintenance. In order to help you out with all of the possibilities, I went out and asked a few guys what they mean when they call a girl hot. You only want to be noticed only when necessary- so you are cute. If you are interested in him, you have a chance to show him your other side - seductive or smart. In other words, he knows that you are a keeper.

When a guy says your hot

A hold said by Naija prewedding ypur naijapreweddingvideos on Nov 23, at You font all the cultural, and you get a glowing incident. But could be the opinion e meets to you as used. If him merit you hot makes you find warm and regional all over, then there is something there that you self to investigate. As amount as it has, it could be tell. If when a guy says your hot guy awake met you and is not delightful in any other remark, he will call you hot because he many you completely. There are looking lees you tin to give about the words guy use to pay genres: Resting out what he is contribution will allow you to aim internally before you tin out towards.

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  1. You are classic, not trendy If you have a unique style you stick to, it means you are not moved by common trends.

  2. Your guy friend wants you to set your relationship goals straight even if he might not be your future boyfriend. He sees you as Miss Independent A cute girl is classy, witty, and open-minded.

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