What is ur major

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Before you declare, take a class or two in the relevant discipline, check out the syllabus for an advanced seminar, and talk to students in the department of your choice. If you truly have no idea what you want to study, that's okay—many schools don't require students to declare a major until sophomore year. For example, interdisciplinary programs in humanities or social sciences will require a student to pick a specific academic concentration as a focus within his academic major, such as an academic major in Interdisciplinary Humanities with an academic concentration in Film or an academic major in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with an academic concentration in Geography.

What is ur major

A double major provides you with an understanding of two academic fields. What Does Your Major Mean? If someone asked my, "What was your area of focus in grad school? Schools use these prerequisites to help control enrollment in crowded majors. When choosing electives, take courses that serve as first-level prerequisites for your prospective majors. Even if the first major you pick isn't the one you stick with, you'll improve your chances of finding the right fit if you shop around. Keep your quality of life in mind, too—that six figure salary may not be worth it if you're not happy at the office. The requirements will vary from school to school and even the terminology is somewhat inconsistent Harvard, for instance, doesn't have majors; it has concentrations , but the concept is almost universal across American colleges. Thank you both for your interest and patience. At some schools you can even design your own major. A major is a set of requirements; generally that you take a certain number of courses taught by a particular department and also perhaps that you write a thesis on the subject, complete a relevant internship, etc. A career-related major means an easier job hunt after college, but you may miss out on the breadth of learning college can offer. Culture was the grounding concept and orchestrating principle for its courses. One of the most exciting aspects of college life is that it introduces you to new subjects and fosters new passions. Exploring your interests will help you find your best fit major—and maybe even your ideal career. What is a major? Maybe you already know that you want to be a nurse, a day trader, a physical therapist, or a web developer. Plan to take electives outside of your major to balance your intellectual development. But there may be additional hidden deadlines. If you are interested in a major that requires a lot of classes, or classes that are limited to students in that major, then it is better to declare early. Some undergrads with a love of learning and an appetite for punishment choose to pursue two majors, often in totally different subjects. Some colleges ask you to list your expected major on your college application although "undecided" is usually an option , but don't require you to declare definitively until later. But many future doctors major in non-science related fields. We help students succeed in high school and beyond by giving them resources for better grades, better test scores, and stronger college applications. Department of Labor, the average twenty-something switches jobs once every three years and the average person changes career fields two or three times in their lifetime. Also, some classes are offered in the fall but not in the spring, or vice-versa. The only difference is that a minor does not require as many classes.

What is ur major

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  1. If you intend to earn a professional degree like an MD after college, you will probably need certain courses, or prerequisites , under your belt.

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