Updating jtree real time

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But I think you don't want that, because that is a heavy language hacking, so The problem is that the tree gets the information for its tree model from a dataset, and so, whenever you want to update the tree you need to set the tree's dataset. So it must not be updated and the tree structure will not be changed. You have nodes in this tree, each item is an "object instance"; while their behavior where you can put them, the list of allowed child nodes, etc is common for some sets, like "classes".

Updating jtree real time

Nodes are only displayed as directories if I explicitly add at least one node to them! I've put in a ticket to make this change, but I can't quite say when it might make it in. The tree may be configured to join its child nodes with lines to make the hierarchy easier to see. JTree is intended to represent information that has a hierarchical structure, of which the prototypical and probably most familiar example might be a file system. A large part of this chapter is devoted to developing a control that allows you to display the contents of a file system in the form of a tree. The tree is built based on the data in the database and uses DefaultMutableTreeNode. But I think you don't want that, because that is a heavy language hacking, so In Java 2 version 1. Well, this is a small fraction of the story. I implemented TreeWillExpandListener to know when the user clicked on the thing to expand the node, then filled in the children. Such nodes are often called leaf nodes, because they reside at the very end of a sequence of branches otherwise known as branch nodes that join nodes to each other. JTree root handles problem I'm using a JTree to dynamically display data from database requests. Nodes that are at the same level of the tree are displayed in a vertical line so that, in the case of a file system tree, all of the directories directly below the root are shown one above the other. Right now my skill all derive from an abstract SkillComponent AbSkillComponent, as I can't find a good naming convention for abstract classes , and I have a RootSkillComponent, SkillComponent and some interfaces to do the drop down box and the UserNamed part. These could be stored in the table that the Tree View query is bound to. Use the insert and remove methods from the tree model. It should be too long to process process all directories recursively should take a very long time and many ressources! Each "object" can be represented by a DefaultMutableTreeNode, the "userObject" of the node should be your object I think the toString of that node is displayed as the label of the node, but you can create custom cell formatter. It will help you refine your ideas, like: Use a human readable format, NO binary serialization, if you want to keep your brain in good shape. A user could expand just what he needs to see on the tree, and collapse the rest. By default, when you create a JTree, the root is visible, together with the objects in the level immediately below it. It's my first JTree use, but I found how to create nodes and add children to existing nodes. In case of deletion, I need to show the previous as the selected one. Changing the icon is a topic that will be left until the end of the chapter, so most of the examples will have the usual folder representation, whether or not they represent a file system.

Updating jtree real time

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  1. So, I'd like the tree to expand only when necessary. When he closes the app, a Shutdown Intercept Client Event Script could save his current Tree View dataset back to the SQL table so that the next time he opens that window, the tree looks just as it did when he closed it.

  2. I have called JTree's setShowsRootHandles true and the defaultTreeModel's setAskAllowsChildren true in the constructor but this only shows the root handle for a node after I have expanded the node by double clicking on it. If you know Java reflection enough, you can even use POJO classes and inheritance hierarchy to build this component, with an IoC container or a factory mechanism to build the actual instances.

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