Treatment for adolescent sex offenders

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Foundations of family therapy. In passing such bills, federal and state legislators have ignored or discounted evidence regarding the low recidivism rates of juvenile sexual offenders, suggesting that the majority of elected officials simply refuse to believe that juvenile sexual offenders can be effectively treated outside of prison walls. Klin and Cohen noted that an acknowledgement of ignorance is ethical but insufficient—where there is ignorance there is also a mandate for responsible, respectful, and continued research. Australian Institute of Criminology. Randomized clinical trials are the most powerful and ethically defensible way to evaluate treatments for juveniles who sexually offend.

Treatment for adolescent sex offenders

The relapse prevention workbook for youth in treatment. Novel Ways to Improve the Current Ethics Climate We have presented a bleak picture of the state of research on treatment outcomes for juveniles who sexually offend. Journal of interpersonal violence Journal of sexual aggression 9: Ethics in child psychiatry. Practice parameters for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents who are sexually abusive of others. Journal of offender rehabilitation Nearly all programs responding to the McGrath et al. When the sexual offender is a child, there is a special opportunity to change our emphasis somewhat and conceptualise the problem primarily as a health issue, rather than primarily as a moral one. Characteristics of adolescent sex offenders: Serious and violent juvenile offenders: The use of specialized cognitive-behavioral therapies in the treatment of adolescent sexual offenders. What we do not know about juvenile sexual reoffense risk. Forum on corrections research 7 1: The report acknowledged an absence of empirical support for most assumptions about the characteristics of juvenile sexual offenders and relied on consensus by the report authors in making treatment recommendations. MST engages parents as 'agents of change' for their children Swenson et al. The first was a federally-funded study that began in and aimed to examine the feasibility of treating high risk sex offenders in community settings. Laws, personal communication, February 28, In addition, ATSA b recently took the step of developing separate assessment and treatment standards for adult and juvenile sexual offenders, based on the recognition that developmental differences between adults and children demand separate intervention strategies. Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory profiles, developmental factors, and offence characteristics. Foundations of family therapy. Apparently, members of the House ultimately were persuaded that children below age 14 ought not to be treated like adult sexual offenders. Journal of interpersonal violence 7: Moving towards an understanding of the ecology and dynamics of change. Priority should be given to research projects that shed light on heretofore unstudied interventions in wide use. Current Treatments Specialized treatments for juveniles who have engaged in sexually aggressive behavior have been widely available since see Knopp et al.

Treatment for adolescent sex offenders

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