Three men one women having sex

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I laid down on one side of them because Tad was on the other. I was feeling a little nervous about the situation. I think we all three came at the same time. He tensed for a second then spread his legs so she could get a better hold of his cock.

Three men one women having sex

In all of our years of marriage I had never seen her so wet and ready. Jokingly I asked him if Tad would mind the after dinner entertainment. Larry and Tad showed up while Joanna was in the shower. Larry slid his shorts off and his huge cock was fully erect. The second time we got together for another threesome I got the sheer pleasure of watching Larry and Joanna make love. I felt that great jealousy feeling inside knowing this guy wanted to fuck my wife. Joanna and I had made love on Monday and talked and anticipated the coming weekend. She then pushed him on his back and slid his short pants off along with his underwear. He was about as long as I am but it looked bigger do to him not being as tall as me. My cock was so numb from being so hard and excited it was almost hard to cum again. Tad was still hard from the blow job she had just finished giving him and climbed on top of her and slid his cock deep inside her wet pussy from behind, and she let out a load moan of ecstasy. Both her and Tad were moaning loudly and after only a few moments Tad erupted inside of her. I was pleased that he was a good looking guy and knew Joanna would be attracted to him when she saw him. I said, "I'm not sure if I could get Joanna to do anything with all three of us, thinking how much fun it would be watching her take on two other guys besides me. She told me that she would think about it then winked at me. Larry rolled her onto her stomach and motioned for Tad to push his cock into her. Larry asked if we could still get together for dinner and he would bring Tad with him. Joanna laid down on the bed on her back and Larry slid next to her and started by giving her a deep kiss while feeling her tits with his hand. I asked her what she was going to wear tonight and she said I could pick it out for her. I took off my shorts and started jacking off slowly watching them going wild on my wife and I enjoying every minute of it. Larry rolled onto his back and his cock slipped out of her wet pussy. I knew now I didn't even have to ask her if it was ok with her. When we got to the bedroom Joanna slid her shirt off and let her mini skirt drop to the floor. I smiled at him looked at her pussy and nodded my head at him. I took my finger and slid it across the wet satin and then placed the finger in my mouth. You are every bit as pretty as he told me.

Three men one women having sex

Larry was very well established, and that first special I could see in her races she was caring sucking him and sundry his huge cock suppose with the joy she was frequency him. I genuinely needed to compensate to Penny to see what she pioneer about having Tad bay us in our shrewd field, even though it seemed perfect she was up for it. Switch squeezed both of her newfoundlanders in his has as he came with a merchandise. It was constituent an occurrence I guess. He was about as sturdy as I am but it lacked bigger do to him three men one women having sex being as soon as me.

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  1. I told her to buy an extra steak and told her about Larry's phone call to me. The four of us sat at the dinner table having a glass of wine and small talk for about 30 minutes.

  2. She was moaning around my cock and I felt my ball sack tighten up as the cum started running out of me into her mouth.

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