The power of female sexuality

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When we allow ourselves to release it, this energy can flow, color and heighten all areas of your life: To come home and receive the same treatment is just heinous. What is there about this paradox of beliefs? Understand his fear, societies fear, or you own -- as you embrace, uncover, and actualize your power. Because of the innate inner power of our sexuality, it is seen as a threat, and our culture works to control the expression of our sexuality from birth onward, to suppress our ability to access our full source of personal empowerment.

The power of female sexuality

We have all been taught to suppress this notion of a powerful sensuous Goddess living inside ourselves and through that suppression, we have also suppressed the erotic. How do we allow our precious selves to live a life without access to our own fullest potential? The message to women is confused. And so, this power to seduce leads to the power of sex. They can no longer be small either. We should be prizing inner qualities more important than the ability to provide or withhold sexual pleasure, like strength and wisdom. We don't want guilt by association. As they get older, women quickly learn that a little female attention can be used to garner themselves whatever their hearts desire. Even men are trying harder than ever to please their women. The fear of being dismissed or marginalized because we are not seen as "Proper" is real for many. Women indoctrinated into this trope may initiate sex less than they want, and men may feel pressure to initiate it more than they want. And we give up a wealth of information and understanding about the uses of the erotic in our lives. While male orgasm is linked with ejaculation, and the reproductive act, our female orgasmic pleasure is autonomous from reproduction, and has unlimited potential. Even the thought of a woman enjoying sex was virtually unimaginable. It Encourages Manipulation In addition to implying that women owe men sex, the model of sex as an economic exchange implies that if a woman chooses to have sex with a man, he owes her something in return. While women are expected to gift men with sex in exchange for material items, men are expected to financially support women in exchange for sex. Supporting ourselves to experience greater levels of relaxation, sensuality, openness, healing, joy and bliss supports our overall wellbeing, immunity, mood, productivity, longevity and resiliency in life. But now, knowing what we know, women have orgasms all around and they have become more sexually demanding than ever before. If we are taught to keep our sexuality small in order to achieve professionally or in relationship and our true power lies in learning how to access and use the tools of the erotic for our creativity which is our life force energy -- is there some kind of weird conspiracy going on? I wanted sex more often than he did. Be small sexually to achieve. We may feel like we risk a lot to be our full selves. We may be wanting more than ever to be held, loved, adored, melt. There is nothing empowering about dehumanization. And by telling women to gain power through their sexuality, rather than their personalities or talents, it teaches them to focus on their looks. Our sexual pleasure is a power center that generates wellbeing and can be cultivated to maximize our health, creativity and success.

The power of female sexuality

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  1. Imagine what you could be doing and feeling if you had it all: How do we allow our precious selves to live a life without access to our own fullest potential?

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