Stockholm robbery

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Leave this field empty if you're human: However, when the police called for the hostages to come out first, their irrational allegiance to their captors held fast. After having been on the run from Swedish authorities for ten years for alleged financial crimes, he turned himself in to police in —only to be told that the charges were no longer being actively pursued.

Stockholm robbery

On August 28, teargas was used nevertheless, and after half an hour Olsson and Olofsson surrendered. Within a few hours, the abductors had set free most of the hostages, including the most valuable ones, because of sympathy towards them. A caller suggested to fill up the vault with table tennis balls so that the criminals could not move. For the original victims, it appeared that their Stockholm syndrome lingered. After Olofsson and Olsson were imprisoned, the hostages made routine jailhouse visits to their captors, never finding themselves able to break the inconceivable bond that had formed under such dark circumstances. Based on these observations, the police decide that the safest strategy to free the hostages is to use tear gas to disable the criminals and consequently open the vault and end the scene. His friend was delivered. Please improve the article by adding more descriptive text and removing less pertinent examples. Some reports say that each captor even eventually married two of their hostages. If you would like to share As high as one in ten of females were abducted and incorporated into the tribe that captured them. It is Sunday evening when the digging starts while more than 60 police officers are ready to go in action. For Stockholm syndrome to happen, FBI researchers have identified three key factors: Surprisingly, the mood inside the vault seems to be pretty good. In other words, they want him to show up so that they can shoot him. When they are ready, one of the policemen decides to peek into the vault. In some of those tribes Yanomamo , for instance , practically everyone in the tribe is descended from a captive within the last three generations. Olsson then took four hostages and started making demands: It was only now, on the sixth day of the hostage situation, that the police stopped the radio from providing information on their operations. The robber is about to shoot him when Olofsson stops him from doing it. Events[ edit ] On 23 August Jan-Erik "Janne" Olsson , on leave from prison, went into Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg , central Stockholm and attempted to rob the bank. He does not want new bills and does not accept them. In a rage, Olsson called the Swedish Prime Minister, threatening the life of one of the hostages, a young woman named Kristin Enmark. August 28, BBC Most people associate Stockholm Syndrome, a situation in which people being held captive feel sympathy toward their captors, with Patty Hearst and her ordeal with the Symbionese Liberation Army in Olsson's autobiography Stockholms-syndromet was published in Sweden in

Stockholm robbery

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  1. But then, perhaps surprisingly, Olsson decides to surrender. A bit later he is given the money in old bills, however.

  2. Stockholm syndrome again was brought to national attention a year after the bank robbery, when American newspaper heiress Patty Hearst claimed it explained her allegiance to the Symbionese Liberation Army, an urban guerrilla group that had kidnapped her.

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