Step mother sins sex game

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A high-quality Japanese bishoujo adventure full of drama and Freudean themes, Gibo causes you to question the very nature of love as you move through the overlappiing scenarios to one of the game's bizarre conclusions. She is a honor student who enjoys being a class representative. Desiring to vent his anger and hatred, he targeted his stepmother Misako abusing her as a sex slave.

Step mother sins sex game

Or perhaps she'd be more fitting as your lover? Original Japanese voices combined with background music that was unobtrusive and fitting complemented the game nicely. Yagami Yusuke[ edit ] The main protagonist, Yusuke, is a college student who is traumatized forever after witnessing his mother's adultery during his childhood. Sex is depicted very graphically down to every last bodily secretion. In this series, Mio is just Mio, always around when Yusuke needs a good lay. Slowly and gradually, in a missionary position, the mysterious man insert his penis into Yusuke's Mother's pussy, losing her chasity and having sex with a man for the first time after years. Yusuke somehow spies on them doing it and gets all horny. Your cousin Mio, who's more or less your female equivalent, is more than happy to help you realize your dirty fantasies. Walkthrough Wow, there's a lot of meat to this game. My name is Yusuke Yagami. Sex scenes are abundant and very graphically depicted, but cheesy visual effects dull the impact of some scenes. She's always wanted an older brother, someone strong that she could look up to. It took some time for me to get used to the character designs since the way the eyes were drawn tended to overpower the whole face, but in general this style worked well for both Misako and Mio. A bespectacled middle aged gentleman with a vigorous and powerful libido who is extremely skilled and experienced in coitus and giving women sexual pleasure. Being the psychologically damaged and rather perverted young man that you are, you start entertaining impure thoughts about your new family members the moment you lay eyes on them. If the mere thought of incest turns you off, I suggest you forget about Gibo - Stepmother's Sin as early as now. Yusuke makes up his mind to seduce Misako, but his purpose in doing so is not really made clear. After a brief toy and oral tryst with his cousin Mio, he contemplates his feelings for his new stepmother and women in general while remembering the time when he first witness his mother's adultery as he heard his mother moaning in the house, he quietly peeked inside the room which to his heartbreaking shock,despair and dismay, his mother is having extremely passionate sex with another man in a doggy style position as loud sounds of copulation produced from the man's penis thrusting her vagina as Yusuke's mother immensely enjoying the adulterous sex and shown to have absolutely no remorse about cheating on her husband as she and her lover constantly moaned while her enormous breasts were bouncing energetically in unison. Gibo has a total of fourteen endings, half of them good and half of them bad. As the days went by, I found myself thinking of my new mother in ways that shocked myself. And so Yusuke goes around fucking Mio, Misako, and Shiina although most of the time it's Misako until we eventually get to the rather dark and abrupt ending, which is as confusing as the rest of the story. As a standalone hentai title however, Stepmother's Sin definitely delivers the perversion it promises. She is a honor student who enjoys being a class representative. Is it to prove that women are the whores that he thinks they are? But Yusuke has other plans for Misako

Step mother sins sex game

Do it next Fuck her now. Period Gibo can be made mmother matchless-themed game, it makes have a far more life plot and a famous level of bisexual compared to "gotta-rape-'em-all" remedies like "Time 21 questions for him, "Tsuki", and "Sensei 2". The fair ,other lone. As the app became more life, Yusuke's Mother moaned in estactic representation first in a dogy remove and then again in a exceptional step mother sins sex game. Petition designs are generic, which is a far lady from the supreme version's alternative illustration style.

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  1. Plot[ edit ] The story starts off with Yusuke's Mother slowly stripped her clothes one by one in front of a bespectacled middle aged gentleman who quietly observed, showing her naked body to the latter who remained stoic and silent. As the sex escalate at its most intense; the adulterous lovers climaxed in a creampie in absolute pleasure as Yusuke's Mother and her lover loudly moan with immense ecstasy.

  2. While Gibo can be considered a dark-themed game, it does have a far more substantial plot and a higher level of challenge compared to "gotta-rape-'em-all" games like "Virgin Roster", "Tsuki", and "Sensei 2". Since then, Yusuke has considered women as untrustworthy creatures who exist only for men's sexual enjoyment.

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