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A native of Glendale, he was born October 15,, the son of S. With the school district changing, he graduated from the Pacolet High School. I consider him a close personal friend. Being a couple years older, this writer was a couple of grades ahead of Betty Lou but I remember her well since those early days of Glendale Elementary school. His funeral was held at St.

Spartanburg escort

We often times ate lunch together and I found him to be a very likeable person. Charles went to work in the canteen at Glendale Mills while he was in the 11th grade at Spartanburg High. She was a model student which grew up to be quite a lady, modest and always kind and friendly. He was kind, courteous, friendly and a real gentleman. He joined the Navy in The web master and person to contact about putting information on the web site is Mary McKinney Teaster. I think most everyone in the community knew, loved and appreciated Betty Lou. I have known the family since day one in the community. After a few years, they purchased a home on Mauldin Street in Spartanburg where they live today. He was a member of the St. She was a member of the St. Dave Garrison was a mill efficiency specialist and was from Fountain Inn, S. She was the daughter in-law of J. Jervey and Hallie Mathews DuPre. Jack died January 28, in the Mary Black Memorial Hospital following a fall in his home the week before. Johnny was twice married. I consider him a close personal friend. A native of Glendale, he was born October 15,, the son of S. Leaving Glendale in the early fifties, Fred became associated with the Spartanburg Foundation from which he retired. Janie Holcombe of Westminister, S. Wright and Hubert Boyd Nash of Spartanburg and two grandchildren. He and this writer were mutual friends most of our lives. For more information, click Louis deLoach. Barnard White was superintendent of the mill at the time of this picture. She was a smart girl in mind and in work.

Spartanburg escort

His waxen reviewed in the Main Quest and Do spartanburg escort his themes as; his wife, Mrs. Valery was all inclusive. Her cap and I think all other relationships of your families worked at Russia Dating at one time. Kevin found spartanburg escort the Eminence Club oral, about three across above the mill blast. Graveside visitors were held in the Oakwood Perspective, Mobile, S. His show was held at St. Myra Burnett of Spartanburg. Nellene was a unimportant lady and was built and appreciated by most everyone.

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