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It is also common for the user to replace the rounded brackets used for the mouth with other, similar brackets, such as ] instead of. Dodge's Manual in documented the reintroduction of "love and kisses" as the number The emoticlips were twelve short snippets of dialogue from the show, uploaded to YouTube, which the advertisers hoped would be distributed between web users as a way of expressing feelings in a similar manner to emoticons. I propose that [sic] the following character sequence for joke markers: D for an evil grin, which can be, again, used in reverse, for an unhappy angry face, in the shape of D:


The smiley is the printable version of characters 1 and 2 of black-and-white versions of codepage of the first IBM PC and all subsequent PC compatible computers. This smiley presumably inspired many later emoticons; the most basic graphic emoticon that depicts this is, in fact, a small yellow smiley face. The parentheses are sometimes dropped when used in the English language context, and the underscore of the mouth may be extended as an intensifier for the emoticon in question, e. They have since seen use in more mainstream venues, including online gaming, instant-messaging, and non-anime-related discussion forums. Common Western examples[ edit ] Main article: It is also common for the user to replace the rounded brackets used for the mouth with other, similar brackets, such as ] instead of. Ingmar Bergman 's film Port of Call includes a scene where the unhappy Berit draws a sad face — closely resembling the modern "frowny", but including a dot for the nose — in lipstick on her mirror, before being interrupted. The terms of the settlement were undisclosed, but Walmart continued to use its smiley design intermittently and returned to using it in a major marketing role in The sound is intended to communicate an emotional subtext. Users can then email or save their own animations to use them on similar social utility applications. Parentheses are sometimes replaced with braces or square brackets , e. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. In Loufrani's son Nicolas Loufrani took over the family business and built it into a multinational corporation. The two produced buttons as well as coffee mugs, t-shirts , bumper stickers and many other items emblazoned with the symbol and the phrase "Have a happy day" devised by Gyula Bogar , [13] which mutated into " Have a nice day ". Loufrani was the first person to trademark the symbol, in The stated advantage over the prior art was that the user saved on the number of keystrokes though this may not address the obviousness criteria. A blush can be expressed as: Western style[ edit ] Usually, emoticons in Western style have the eyes on the left, followed by nose and the mouth. He used it to highlight the good news parts of the newspaper France Soir. Such dictionaries allow users to call up emoticons by typing words that represent them. A quotation mark ", apostrophe ', or semicolon ; can be added to the emoticon to imply apprehension or embarrassment, in the same way that a sweat drop is used in manga and anime. In IME , this support was moved to the Emoticons dictionary. Korean style contains Korean jamo letters instead of other characters. Loufrani was the first person to trademark the symbol, in List of emoticons The most basic emoticons are relatively consistent in form, but each of them can be transformed by being rotated making them tiny ambigrams , with or without a hyphen nose. The character existed in Oracle bone script , but its use as emoticon was documented as early as January 20, P, such as when blowing a raspberry.


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  1. These were quickly picked up by 4chan and spread to other Western sites soon after. Others commented that it looked like a kneeling person, and the symbol became popular.

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