Series like sex and the city

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What's more, GG's fashion definitely rivaled Sex and the City on the designer spectrum. There is no Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda to hold her back. Lipstick Jungle NBC Lipstick Jungle was a short-lived TV show that aired from to that really didn't get a chance to take off because of the writers' strike.

Series like sex and the city

Liza Miller is desperately trying to maneuver between building a career, being a good parent, and trying to find new love after her first husband cheated on her. But there are still many interesting and entertaining aspects that will get you glued to the screen. Don't worry, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte will always be there waiting for you to return. Younger This show aired for the first time in , and ever since, it is getting better and better. The plot follows a group of twenty-something single people trying to navigate the roads of love. The show follows the life of Carrie as she moves into New York City. It was pure eye candy. Big, Aidan Shaw, and any of Samantha's flavors of the week. And for those looking for some nudity and sex scenes, Robert Buckley will take care of that whenever he takes his shirt off. Think of Desperate Housewives as Sex and the City with parenting tasks. I can guarantee that. The plot of the show is about five girls, one of which disappears on their prom. And their roads are often interchangeable 2 Broke Girls There is not much glamour in a show about girls working in a dinner. What's more, GG's fashion definitely rivaled Sex and the City on the designer spectrum. The show aired for just two seasons, but it was enough of the Manhattan trio. We've got the "Carrie Bradshaw" of the group - Jane Sloane, a young writer at a Cosmo-esque magazine, who's navigating career and relationship woes with the help of her two BFFs - the social media director, Kat, who's exploring her sexuality with a new connection named Adena, and Sutton, the assistant who's sleeping with a man who is very much her superior at the company. Speaking of eye candy, the guys on the show were just as hot if not more so than Mr. The throwback fashion and Austin Butler make it even better. We'll admit that the show could never replace Sex and the City, and that there were a few continuity errors between the OG and the prequel that will peeve you, but it offers an interesting look at Carrie's younger pre-New York City life. Bear in mind, the show aired in the late 90s, and into the early s. But what about Sex and the City about teenagers? But, it's still worth watching the show, if you haven't seen it yet. What also separates it from SATC is that each episode is an hour long. That is basically the description you can give to Pretty Little Liars. Brooke Shields was one of the stars and you also get the chance to see a young Sarah Hyland. It shows a year-old single mom try to re-enter the workforce - by posing as a year-old.

Series like sex and the city

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