Sad song tagalog

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The song describes how sensational the love of a person towards someone can be. While the lyrics read as singular in perspective, the song gains a new, poignant layer as a duet, with these feelings mirrored by the object of desire. This song speaks to those who have been or are currently torn between someone who loves them and someone they love.

Sad song tagalog

CNN Philippines Life has revised the article to correct this error. This song is one of the biggest hits of Side A, a Filipino pop band formed in For how long do I love you? Even its optimism seems to come from a better, brighter time. This song may just be the therapy to relax the nerve after a sad, stressful day or a break up. This song is perfect for those who have experienced being in a love triangle and fighting for their loved ones. That is exactly what this song is about. Contact Author Explore the 50 best Filipino love songs in English from the '80s to the present. Stripped of the Darna as the personification of the beloved, the song contains an emotion that we have all felt, and karaoke session is incomplete without at least one person belting out their sorrows unironically along to this song. The song describes the surreal feeling of finally having the one you love the most. But a good cry is probably what you need to feel better. Released 20 years ago to much popular and critical acclaim, the song still manages to encapsulate that awkward feeling that often comes with wearing your heart on your barong sleeve. In listening to songs that almost every Filipino knows by heart, I feel more alone than ever. It is one of the most famous English original Filipino love songs of all time. Rivers Cuomos are everywhere. People make up and break up as days go by and new relationships are built everyday. Well, if you need an imaginative plan to get your revenge from that person who broke your heart, watch how Taylor did it back in Yet this is precisely the reason why the song is true. Before going to the United States, they included this love song in 's Best of Ella May Saison featured collection. The song is an unusual breakup song. Anytime — Brian McKnight Feeling down and almost out of your groove? If you have the same questions, then sing them away with this hugot song that would leave you feeling a little better. This Filipino love song sold more than 90, copies and was covered by the American Idol pop star, David Archuleta when he visited the Philippines. This is a certified hugot song because it captures the truth about the hardships of maintaining a relationship and why it is sometimes better to let go than to hold on. The love song is about how the singer was dreaming of someone and can't believe that he finally has her by his side. So if you have recently decided or are planning to break up with someone, this song will help guide you in making the ending of your relationship a lot less painful.

Sad song tagalog

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