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Black people have been killing themselves from inside out for decades. Then one day, while sitting at the gates of the city, the assimilating immigrant sees two strangers approach. The white man must learn of his history and be proud of it. Asian love is real in Asia. They come for our welfare, paid with our taxes.


We have nothing to be ashamed of, at all. Pride must be restored to shake off the shackles of slavery that have been carefully cast on us all. The three Biblical anecdotes Beinart cites to explain why Jews should be nice to immigrants are the episodes in which Abraham and his nephew Lot welcome strangers into their homes and one in which Abraham resides temporarily in Egypt. Really depends on the person Since forever, I live here and have been living here in Beijing for almost ten years, there's a complete ambivalence to whites and even to Eurasians, the only time I've ever heard a woman ask me straight up if I had money, from was from a Chinese woman. AF aren't stupid, they know caucs are racist meaning they legit have to be mentally ill to be with one. I do not believe in these coincidences. The white man must learn of his history and be proud of it. That's why they're pushing this absurd meme that "Whites have no culture. China is also communist, they teach the realities of racial imperialism to children, it's literally the opposite education than that found in the US. There are white worshippers, but they're looked down on and considered very annoying by other AF. And yet they still get blocked by the firewall lol. This phrase, or variants of it, appear several times in the Biblical text. They have their own blogs, weibo, extremely deep networks of information being passed around for years, in fact, the way people think here is so different from those of Americans you would be shocked And where there are Jews, there is always blood, violence and evil - the Jews themselves tell about this in the Torah the Old Testament. Then there is the occassional, "Why do black girls on Trufemcels, ethnic POCcels, etc etc hate themselves so much? Colorism, self-hate, etc are the norm. According to Beinart, this proves that good things happen to Jews when they are nice to strangers. Then one day, while sitting at the gates of the city, the assimilating immigrant sees two strangers approach. It isn't harsh, it's a black Femcel's reality. The Midrash says he becomes a judge. They are coming for our way of life and twisting it, unconsciously, into a facsimile of the shitholes they left behind. His daughters intermarry with the locals. And though they're certainly very powerful right now, I'll repeat, they're not invincible.? In every case, the local people who were nice to the Jews and accepted them as immigrants or refugees are ultimately harmed or destroyed by them and their vicious God. To the Egyptians, they bring plague. Likewise, the above empty-headed shitlib sarcasm is why I have no patience for that other trope shitlibs weakly trot out when the debate has taken a turn away from their control: When will the Russians wake up from the [Jewish] narcotic?


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  1. They come for our peace of mind, paid for with exorbitant housing costs, home security, and expensive school districts.

  2. I actually had to go "native" to get better treatment, and I don't regret it, attention from pretty Asian women goes up when I look more Asian.

  3. And yet evil, hateful bitches like Michelle Goldberg express glee at the prospect! Only through information can that power be gained which is one of the reasons they are trying so hard to bring the internet under heel or discredit anyone who speaks the truth.

  4. Then one day, while sitting at the gates of the city, the assimilating immigrant sees two strangers approach.

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