Psycological effect of teenage sex

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Cambridge University Press; Stages of change and decisional balance for 12 problem behaviors. This article describes the short-term intrapersonal and interpersonal consequences reported by college students on days they engage in vaginal sex and what factors predict experiencing particular consequences. Although the majority of emerging adults age 18—25; Arnett, have engaged in sexual intercourse, little is known about the consequences of sex they experience, other than STIs and pregnancy.

Psycological effect of teenage sex

Adolescents who were sexually experienced at the start of the study were twice as likely to report any negative consequences of refraining from sexual activity during the fall of 9th grade the first assessment period as adolescents who became sexually experienced by the end of the study. Future longitudinal research should examine the different sexual experiences adolescents may have depending on age of sexual activity initiation. Anton Zabielskyi , Shutterstock The uproar that followed a November episode of Fox's "Glee" in which two teen couples had sex for the first time may have some scientific legs. Implications for teen sex In response to the "virgin sex" on "Glee," the Parents Television Council, a watchdog group, denounced the episode in a statement before it aired, saying,"The fact that 'Glee' intends to Participants used contraception on You may not be able to dictate her relationship choices, but you can talk to her about the possible negative psychological effects of sex for teenagers. Conclusions Our findings suggest that adolescents may choose not to abstain from sexual activity or may reverse an original decision to abstain in part because they experience more negative and fewer positive social and emotional consequences of refraining as they age. Testing the effects of sex The researchers had a group of day-old male hamsters the equivalent of human teens mate with adult females in heat. Emerging adults may engage in sexual behavior in a variety of relationships, including close dating relationships and with casual or non-dating partners. In a new study, the animals will be given the hormone rather than allowed to mate. The likelihood of consequences also differed by type of sex. Specifically, youth who had had vaginal or both types of sex were more likely than those who had had only oral sex to report having experienced pleasure 2. This is consistent with calls for research to study differences among sexually experienced adolescents rather than purely focusing on how they differ from sexually inexperienced adolescents. Oral versus vaginal sex among adolescents: In addition, respondents who had had both types of sex had an elevated likelihood of having become popular, having had improvement or worsening of their relationship, having felt good about themselves and having felt regretful or used 1. Kropp and Jodi L. Independent of sexual experience, girls were more likely than were boys to report both positive and negative consequences of refraining from sexual activity. J Pers Soc Psychol. Perspect Sex Reprod Health. Gender and sexual experience were entered simultaneously in logistic regressions models. Girls who had sex prior to age 15 and boys who had sex prior to age 14 seemed to be more vulnerable to negative psychological effects, according to Meier. Nearly all baseline participants Procedures Participants completed daily web-based surveys during their first and second semesters of college. Sexually experienced adolescents are an important subgroup for intervention because they are especially vulnerable to experiencing negative consequences of refraining from sexual activity. She added that testosterone may be linked to structural changes in the brain, including how the dendrites are organized or connected to one another.

Psycological effect of teenage sex

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  1. In the current article we examined the short-term perceived consequences of sex reported by first-year college students on days they engaged in vaginal sex, as well as what situational factors of the sexual experience were associated with more positive or negative consequences. It also provides medically accurate and complete information about contraceptives and prophylactics, so that adolescents who decide to engage in sexual activity can do so safely.

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