Psychology of a womaniser

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No more addictive love relationships! There are many factors that lead people to cheat whether emotional, physical or circumstantial. Why Do We Cheat? But his admitted infidelity, which recently came to light, suggests something was missing. Let him know how he meets your needs with simple statements such as, "I feel good when I am with you," or "I really enjoy your company.

Psychology of a womaniser

In these instances, you can help the situation by helping to build his self-esteem. If he blows hot and cold with his love and affection in an attempt to control you, don't give in. This, too, will help you recognize a womanizer. One of the best ways to recognize and resist a womanizer is to be aware of the secrets men keep from women. All this, of course, is assuming that the hurt party is willing to stick around. You need to decide what you want out of a healthy love relationship, and stand firm. On the other hand, you shouldn't judge him on his past, but rather how he is with you -- in the present. No more addictive love relationships! Unfortunately, this wake-up call often occurs after the cheater gets caught. But infidelity is certainly not a crime exclusive to the rich and famous nor, contrary to popular belief, is it predominantly a man's offense. Why Do We Cheat? Self-Esteem Issues Often womanizing ways are the result of self-esteem or insecurity issues, according to psychotherapist Jed Diamond, as cited in the "Psychology Today" article. Womanizers may have to manipulate and deceive women to get what they want, and they may ignore guilty feelings — or they may not feel any guilt at all. The sex is just a symptom of taking the emotional connection further. The Personality Traits of a Womanizer Womanizers are charming. Try to live in the present and avoid ruminating about what he might have been involved in. As a criminal investigator, Manette sees the repercussions of the X factor daily, whether as property damage from a jealous lover or a double-homicide -- as she is working on currently. Let him know how he meets your needs with simple statements such as, "I feel good when I am with you," or "I really enjoy your company. How to Recognize a Womanizer — The Inner Workings of a Casanova Some psychologists believe womanizers or Casanovas struggle with low self-esteem, and their sexual conquests make them feel better about themselves. The "hurt parties," as Spring calls them, often feels "crazy, helpless and alone" after an infidelity, and the result of these emotions can be more than just emotionally damaging. What's more, 88 percent of men who cheated said that the woman was not-better looking or in better shape than their wives. If he says, "If you loved me you would Manipulation Skills A womanizer may have very well-developed manipulation skills that served him well while he was chasing women. The sooner you recognize the signs of a womanizer, the better able you are to protect yourself from addictive love and men who use women. The decision to stay has to be a "thoughtful, self-interested decision for both people," she explains. Casanovas are also known as womanizers, lotharios, tom cats, lady killers, seducers, predators and players. The Psychology of the 'Hurt Party' and the X Factor Often, cheaters don't take into account what Danine Manette, criminal investigator, infidelity expert and author of "Ultimate Betrayal" calls the "X factor.

Psychology of a womaniser

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