Popular nicknames for friends

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For a cute, short and chubby girl. A girl filled with positivity and advocate peace. Gandalf — A cool nickname for a tall guy. Just as your boyfriend might call you his princess or his queen, you can call him your Prince or King. A cuter variation of Snookie; A short but adorable girl is your Snookie Bear.

Popular nicknames for friends

This name will make your girlfriend feel as if you respect her and love her for who she is. So start sweet-talking away! Bug A great nickname to give to someone who is small and has the qualities of a bug. Just as long as they have crazy eyes in general. Big Show — Nicknamed after the big and tall wrestler. Olive Someone with olive colored skin can be called Olive as a nickname. Age matters — You have to think about her age with some of the names used. For a wild and awesome girl. Heart Throb — Meant for the teenage crowd. A cute name to call an incredibly special girl. An adorable petite girl. Also a cute name for a girl with tiny feet. A kind, gentle and charming girl. For a naive girl. You too can create a funny atmosphere by teasing your girlfriend and calling her by this pet name. It can also denote sweetness and awesomeness. Or it can be used on the leader or a group of someone who has kids. They always know how to cheer up everyone around them and they never seem to frown. A cute nickname for a kind and welcoming woman. Cutie Patootie — An affectionate name for someone that is as cute as a button. Subzero Subzero is a nickname given to someone who always has a cold shoulder. Itsy Bitsy People who are small in size, or petite, would be called Itsy Bitsy. Littlefinger — Nicknamed after the cunning Game of Thrones character. A beautiful girl with an amazing personality. Tell us in the comments! Call her this pet name if you can give anything to spend your life with her. For a tough and resilient girl.

Popular nicknames for friends

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  1. Ganja man — A cool slang for a guy who loves smoking weed. An attractive and beautiful girl.

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