Pittsburgh date ideas

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Be sure to try the spicy ones if they are available! Right next door is Market Square, where you can grab a cocktail or hot chocolate when your spin around the rink is through. Legume in Oakland and its bar, Butterjoint , is a quaint and casual date haven; they keep it fresh and surprising with a constantly changing menu. As these galleries are typically not open late, this event is the perfect opportunity to explore a side of downtown you may not normally see!

Pittsburgh date ideas

Dog Sledding at Nemacolin Woodlands Our weekend guide series tries to stay as close to Pittsburgh as possible in all recommendations, but when we suggest you drive out of the city for an experience, there is good reason. Then you sit down at this cool bar area and mix and pour your own candles. It's out in Blawnox but it's fun to go here for a drink to get in the festive mood for a holiday. Start at Maggie's farm rum in the strip district. Looking for more while in the North Side? Just be sure to grab tickets to these early as the good seats go fast! Head to Riley's Pour House or make the short trip to Heidelberg to visit Insurrection Brewery for more local beverages! Mix that with a one of a kind atmosphere, and you get Salt of the Earth. Another is pitch black to give you sensory deprivation. The cost of these two tickets together ends up being less than the Heinz History Center ticket alone, but only is valid if you visit the Fort Pitt Museum first! With each recommendation, we've also hand selected nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops you may wish to visit while you're in the neighborhood if you have more time! This one focuses on all things mead- fermented honey for those who are not familiar with this drink. Choose from five taps at the concession stand, 14 more taps at the Bierport Tap Room adjacent to the theater , and more than bottles of craft beer and unique sodas to choose from. Pack a picnic basket? Wanting to grab a drink or something to eat while down in the Strip? Cute little restaurant in the Southside that has a small non-fancy in a cute European way kitchen when you walk in and a secret stone walled garden in the back, complete with a small fountain. Bicycle Heaven and Johnny Angel's On Sunday, you should make a return trip to the North Side to check out Bicycle Heaven — what is claimed to be the largest bicycle museum and store in the country and possibly the world. On the Gateway Clipper 8. It's in Lawrenceville so if you already have a dinner reservation down there, I would recommend coming here like an hour and a half before dinner. Check out Randyland , Commonplace Coffee , or read our North Side neighborhood guide for more recommendations! It has the most beautiful aqua water if you come at the right time, with crazy rock formations and pine trees all around. You walk in, grab a clip board and mark down all your favorite scents from the left hand wall, there's like or some crazy amount. Right now they're decked out in halloween stuff, but I've gone for Christmas and when you walk in For those who live in the city, this intense schedule is often not always practical as you may only be able to do one or two things in any given weekend. This bar celebrates the European spirit known as Grappa one of our favorite spirits , made from fermenting the skins and seeds of grapes after the wine making process is complete.

Pittsburgh date ideas

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  1. Clemente Museum Out of all of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball players to ever play for the team, there is none with a more famous history than Roberto Clemente.

  2. Stop by Wigle Whiskey for a tour of the distillery and barrelhouse, and learn how they turn organic, local grain to full-flavored whiskey, gin, rum and vodka.

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