Pastors 30 day sex challenge

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Re-calibrate what the normal frequency of love-making is in your marriage. I mean sex is an awesome gift that we have been given as long as we follow the directions, in marriage! We serve the God who created sex, we read the Bible, a book that is filled with it, and yet we still are seen as prudish. Have fun, lots and lots of fun. Visited 2, times, 2 visits today Share this with someone you love:

Pastors 30 day sex challenge

Anyone want to play along? Turn up the heat in one area and see what happens to the others! PIN A couple of years ago, a pastor in Florida issued a challenge for his parishioners: Heck maybe not in the bedroom that could be part of the variety too! We are daring all of our readers to join us in a day challenge of intimacy. We have known one another since we were 10 we were friends for a long time and generally have a great relationship. We both consider the other our best friend, make each other laugh, and have a very healthy sex life. Visited 2, times, 2 visits today Share this with someone you love: I know after that last sentence the guys have stopped reading, have already agreed, and run off to the calendar to see how long they have to wait till November 1st. The idea is not just physical. For me, a major component of good sex is feeling close to him and that is the part that lately has seemed a bit lost. Gone are the days where we used to bring books to bed early, chat for hours, have a little sex, and then sleep all cuddled together. November 1st through November 10th we are challenging you to have sex every day! And the big V says if we we just had happy marriages this would be fixed. How often have you heard anyone teaching married Christians to go out and have tons of passionate, loving sex? Between the children, the jobs, and the constant struggle to pay the bills, cook the meals, pack the lunches, clean the dishes, make the bed, sweep the floors, walk the dog, and on and on, sometimes it seems like falling on the couch and watching TV and sleeping are the only thing we want to do. I know at the end of the day, no matter how stressful or annoying, I will get a little bit of close, intimate time with my best friend. Have sex for 30 days or nights in a row and see what it does to your marriage. Once I considered it, it made sense. But we need to meet our wives' needs on intimate levels. I will report back in 30 days! That's less than once a month! If so tell us in the comments! Start here maybe they will be interested to see what is next. The pastor of a southwest Florida church opened many eyes and ears Sunday when he said he wants married couples in the congregation to -- have sex for 30 days in a row. How often do you typically have sex?

Pastors 30 day sex challenge

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