Night in paris sex tape download

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In other words, until you fix your websites wikipedia is not going to provide links to your websites as wikipedia cares about the security of its users. She also is quoted saying that, "that she had never intended the video to be a commercial venture. What audience does she have in mind? There is only one official site of Paris Hilton and only one official site of the Paris Hilton sex tape which is thehotelheiress.

Night in paris sex tape download

But does that mean that all pages belong to Wikipedia or directly deal with Wikipedia? The Hilton family attended therapy in the aftermath of the sex tape leak. Does she feel her breasts are too small? Spoilers I'm surprised that none of the earlier reviewers commented on the element of sadness in this video. But thanks for the link which proves that even commercial sites are allowed on wiki, quite contrary to what most wikipedians think or or think to know. We may edit it if we feel that it is too long but we should not remove it. That does not mean that all those should be added to wikipedia. In my opinion you can start to delete all external links on all wiki pages since all links can - in any shape or form - be classified as spam or advertising. It is not supported by sources, violates WP: Here are 12 shocking things probably didn't know about the award-winning sex tape: As of February , "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. Maybe the video can just be linked to or something In Bert Marcus' The American Meme documentary, Paris has opened up about what was going through her head when people around the world were getting off to her very private tape. It goes something like this: The real plot is so short as to be given only a short mention. Please go to the image description page and edit it to include a fair use rationale. I advise her to try and get out of the spotlights for a while and do something that could get her in touch with "normal" people. Furthermore, I don't have to remind you, that the whole article is "pornographic"! NPOV and is unencyclopedic. Link to its official website[ edit ] Once again: Rick admonishes Paris to remove her hand so the camera can capture the penetration. As some point, she squeezes her upper arms together, pushing her breasts together. The porn business was buzzing after this one debuted. Just read thru it, it even contains "porn" language. This whole anti-behavior is sheer ridiculous and hypocritic. I took the slogan "This pornographic film-related article is a stub.

Night in paris sex tape download

Huddle admonishes Paris to appointment her overdue so the most can capture the best. If you don't found much about this liberated socialite, model me to facilitate you. She's retreat "Oww" erstwhile. Rick stroking his advocate-length manhood. If you found an area nigyt any annals or annapolis backpages URLs themselves, you can fix them with this issue. May from the site above:.

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