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Thank you so much NCSA for everything you have done for me and my family! The most exciting part of the process: There are so many schools out there looking for athletes, and so many athletes looking for schools that it takes a middleman like NCSA to create the first contact.

Ncsa profile views

After that first contact NCSA was always there by my side to help with whatever problem came up. Emotions varied from being on top of the world to being shattered on the ground thinking it was all over. The last day of the camp, I was pulled to the side and was offered a full-ride volleyball scholarship. It took a while, with phone calls to schools and e-mails almost every day until I made my top five pick of schools then the process went from a beast to something that I could manage. It was official visits so it was not that expensive either. I was very overwhelmed as to how to take down my huge list of schools that was growing every day. You still have to call coaches and send those e-mails to let everyone know that you have committed. The most exciting part of the process: But coaches perceive this as impersonal and stray away from opening these. Just knowing that there were so many schools interested in me joining them really lifted my motivation to another level. Is their email buried at the bottom of the inbox, or has it been opened? I hope that my recruiting experience will help make yours easier to handle. After the coach had watched me play live, we got a chance to talk. Email has become the most popular and preferred way for student-athletes to introduce themselves to coaches. She was so relieved to pick the University of Illinois and relax. That, by far was one of the best moves I ever made. With the help of NCSA, my story proves that anyone can achieve their goals with a lot of hard work even if you are from a small town. The obstacles I had to overcome was finding out how everything works in the college recruiting system, and taking and preparing for the SAT on top of my normal school. I live in a very small town with about 4, people. The profile was an amazing tool that helped put all her experience, years of play, teams, achievements and academics in one place with easy access. Adding to that is the fact that regardless of the school if you contact them via the NCSA website you can be sure that they will read your email and that they will reply to you. You played a huge role in making this dream come true and I will never forget how much you've helped us along the way. She was my lifeline to keeping my sanity. She no longer feels like a performing show pony on the field. Finally, my last visit. Student-athletes sometimes copy several coaches on a single email in attempt to simplify the process. Overall, with my other 3 visits I had come to a very easy conclusion, no.

Ncsa profile views

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  1. The campus was beautiful, the facilities were top of the line, and most importantly the entire time I was there the head coach never left my side.

  2. I mean, it is hard work replying to all of these schools, staying and touch and at the same time always thinking about what would be the best choice for you.

  3. Jason is just one of many former college and professional players, college coaches, and parents who are part of the Next College Student Athlete team.

  4. I was very overwhelmed as to how to take down my huge list of schools that was growing every day.

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