My girlfriend is gaining weight and i like it

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I wonder when she will think: Does 25 pounds sound like a resonable number? At first I was taken aback.

My girlfriend is gaining weight and i like it

I feel that the weight gain is kinda my fault cause i brought up the idea of her going on the pill and it wasn't till after going on the pill when she really started to gain. I wonder when she will think: She already ate all of it earlier! She basically accepted that with enjoying her junkfood and not worrying about exercising she would gain weight. She asked if I thought she was behaving like a pig and told me that if she would gain too much weight I had to say it. I swear, instead of cookies or chocolates or potato chips etc, my gf likes to eat ice cream or tiramisu. Honestly if u didn't know her and described her to someone you would say she was chubby. All I heard was that she would gain weight. She said yes and those little moans were so cute! They always laughed at me in disbelief. I want to give her an honest answer on how much weight she gained. Anyway, I reassured her and said I couldn't care how much she gained. She was 5 foot 3 inches tall slim and wore a size 2 jean. At first I was taken aback. What I do miss more than anything is exercising. She stoped going to the gym, went on the pill and this is when she really started to gain. By the way, my girlfriend's height is 5'8, last known weight Now I was gorging on high-calorie foods, and large amounts of it, too. We don't have one anyways, and she doens't know how much she weighed last year. She likes that she doesn't have to gym to please me, but she doesn't like how she looks right now. When we eventually laid eyes on each other my heart literally skipped a beat. But i don't know know how womens jeans work. At least I can make sure I'm as supportive as I can be. God, that whole conversation kept racing through my mind. Yesterday we had a pasta dish for dinner and she wanted tiramisu for dessert. She ate alot started wearing sweat pants all the time, and every now and then we would go shoping for a pair of jeans that fit. She wanted to lose the weight, and at the begining of this school year started going to the gym alot, even though she hated working out.

My girlfriend is gaining weight and i like it

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  1. Last night she tried to get into a pair of size 6 stretchble jeans and didn't come close. October 10, My girlfriend officially hasn't gone to the gym for a week and doesn't feel any guilt about it.

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