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Bilton's other major disclosure is the number of victims Sutcliffe killed or attacked. But Bilton knows more about the Ripper case than anyone living. What was it that made him kill? Sir Michael was only told what he needed to be told by the police who wished to close this case to hide the many embarrassing failures in their investigation, failures which cost the lives of other innocent victims and put at risk the lives of countless others.

Michael bilton author

It is clearly documented that all Ripper suspects were blood tested and Sutcliffe had his test reviewed 12 times. Bilton's other major disclosure is the number of victims Sutcliffe killed or attacked. The prostitute,Olivia Reivers, who was with Sutcliffe when he was arrested stated that he was unable to get an erection so clearly he didnt pick her up for sex. Fashioned from a V-neck sweater, it protected his knees so he could kneel comfortably over his victims while stabbing them and exposed his genitals making it easier for him to masturbate over their corpses. In fact, he was arrested carrying a hammer in a red-light district as early as , six years before his first murder - another clue the police somehow missed. An article in the Sun newspaper dated 10th March gives further insight into how the police destroyed the evidence relating to Peter Sutcliffe after his conviction and they never expected any details of it to resurface. But Bilton knows more about the Ripper case than anyone living. He has knowingly continued the lies in order to support the lies he told in the past and to protect his own career and reputation. The psychiatrists were made to look very foolish indeed. Another opportunity was missed. He is not a fool and it has to be said that he is a highly intelligent man. Bilton is rightly indignant about such omissions and failures. He fails intentionally to put the original Irish Ripper suspect in the picture at all eventhough he is firmly on the record. Well might the police have forgotten the strange underpants worn by this deranged Ripper suspect on the night of his arrest and far from being a murder suit as the journalist suggests, it is clearly the attire of an insane man. He actually gave credibility to their lies and that sustained their ability to carry on with the cover up for so long. The report was filed away and then mislaid. At the scene of the next murder, a major clue was discovered, a tyre track. As a journalist he has shown himself to have nothing original to contribute and his book is based on the reminiscences of two bent and corrupt policemen. But pressure on the inquiry increased. Sutcliffe was finally nabbed by chance. Those are the questions most authors have asked. No doubt it will end up in some chamber of horrors in years to come. One example of his lies. The rest is history. The deal was that he would be going to a secure mental home as agreed by his legal adviser with the police and he would have no trial and they would accept his confessions to all the murders to clear the slate. As time progressed the lies became bigger and he had to spin more lies to justify his earlier position and now his book is nothing more than a tissue of lies spun to maintain the original lie that Sutcliffe is the Ripper and nobody else is involved in the murders. When Sutcliffe was ordered to remove his clothes in the police station that night of his arrest and was revealed to be wearing no underpants only this pair of leggings with his crotch open I am sure the police who witnessed him must have broken down laughing at the lunatic in front of them.

Michael bilton author

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