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In the cartoon above, the embarrassment of US abuse of Iraqi prisoners is considered to be a "stain" on America's reputation. Metaphor A metaphor is described as "a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two things that are basically dissimilar. The Medaphor Scan trainer is a simulation tool for ultrasound so that people can learn the basic skills before live scanning on patients. Many idiomatic phrases make use of these hidden comparisons, and they are challenging for people new to the English language. Unfortunately there is no funding for this equipment.


This would mean other hospitals may also be able to use the equipment to train their professionals. Burglars break into buildings. This metaphor has died; it is a "dead metaphor". The new car's sexy design increased sales for the company. The "crown", which stands for government especially in the Canadian court system is closely related but not fundamentally attached to the thing being described, so it's an example of metonymy, not synecdoche. The private detective dug up enough evidence to convince the police to act. A simile usually uses "as" or "like". However, while they appear as options on provincial exams, I have never seen either one as the correct option unlike, say, metaphor, simile, personification and alliteration. In the cartoon above, the embarrassment of US abuse of Iraqi prisoners is considered to be a "stain" on America's reputation. People flocked to see it. What is the metaphor? You need to start with twigs and small branches when you kindle a camp fire. Part of the solution to training people in ultrasound is to use a scan trainer and this has been proven in other fields. Look at this example: Mixed Metaphors The awkward use of two or more different metaphors at the same time is normally best avoided. Reading that book kindled my interest in politics. We are aware that one of the preventable causes of stillbirth is babies that have not grown appropriately, intrauterine growth retardation or IUGR. Unfortunately there is no funding for this equipment. Below is a metaphor that is both linguistic and visual, and is commonly used in literature and current affairs. Some computer hard drives spin at over 10, revolutions per minute. I'm not an angel, but I wouldn't behave like that. He eats like a pig. Thus, moral embarrassment or guilt is described in terms of an ugly stain. It creates conflicting images in the reader or listener's mind, reduces each metaphor's impact, and generally causes confusion. Metonymy and synecdoche are both listed as English 12 concepts. Here is our link. Dogs like to bury bones and dig them up later.


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