Married to a serial cheater

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These women literally spend their work hours dancing, speaking and flirting seductively! I have made a list of our assets and am keeping very busy sorting out our house. The trips he made to visit boats around the British Isles I now know to have been a fabrication - he must have been servicing his women. Maybe I will change the locks so that when he returns he will have to ring the bell.

Married to a serial cheater

Now I understand why his behaviour has deteriorated so over the past couple of years, and why our love life had trailed off, and I heave a sigh of relief. Did she call his job and report him? My husband said on his that he was widowed and a university graduate. For any possible healing to take place, total transparency must begin immediately. Let's hope she's a little more realistic in her next relationship. I would like to see his face when I explain why he is no longer welcome here. Anything less and she's going to live the rest of her life in a painful farce of a relationship. Disconnecting from social media, taking time to heal, and surrounding herself with loving friends and family who support and listen to her will be the best thing for Kloe and her baby right now. The kids had flown the nest and it was "our time". The CD showed my husband with a different woman, enjoying a trip to one of the Spanish islands. I will never be able to go back to our boat or holiday home, and the thought of them using my bed and linen makes me seethe. If you're stumped, don't worry. Do you want to know the truth about the kind of man who can cheat on you all day long then come home and kiss you like he isn't ripping your relationship to shreds? Get a marriage counselor and insist you and your partner go together. Above all, I want out on my terms. As far as I know they were honest on their dating site profiles. At least I am not going to catch anything unsavoury from him. The therapist can help you and your partner get the help you need for sex addictions and the aftermath of betrayal. Well, I have news for him. I am sure the women concerned would be mortified if they knew their sweet nothings were being read by the "deceased" wife. Email Copy Link Copied Men cheat. But reality is setting in after all the fun of the festivities and now that every-one has returned to their own lives I find for the first time I begin to feel sorry for myself. We were an "ordinary" happily married, middle-aged couple enjoying the fruits of our labour. It's one thing to be in love, but another one entirely to believe your man can do no wrong, especially when he's in a business that promotes cheating. He began not to want to go out with friends, saying they were boring, and sometimes was unpleasantly argumentative.

Married to a serial cheater

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  1. He's the one who should feel guilty! A secretary is supposed to stay in the office to take care of things from there, so this jilted wife really should have known better.

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