Lynyrd skynyrd piano player

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I met Billy several times during our careers and always found him to be a true gentleman. He later told an interviewer that: Those two would just lift me off the ground with all of their accolades and support of my playing in RCB. There will never be anyone to fill his shoes. I applaud the performance; I just wish we could get an encore.

Lynyrd skynyrd piano player

He later majored in music theory at a local community college, and then took on work as a roadie for the fledgling Skynyrd in the early '70s. I never had the chance to meet Billy, and was hoping to meet him on the Simple Man Cruise. Lynyrd Skynyrd return [ edit ] Powell rejoined Lynyrd Skynyrd in for a tribute tour, and remained with the band until his death. The quietest member besides Steve Gaines. After I gave Ronnie my ok, he waited and called a few days later to tell me he had decided to add Billy Powell as another member. And a great friend to me and my family. We also heard from a couple of current and past Skynyrd alumni who are simply too shaken to comment at this time. Powell, who took music lessons as a youth, became a roadie for the band until about , when he helped set up the band's equipment at a school prom. He is survived by his wife Ellen and four children. At the time of his death, he and guitarist Gary Rossington were the only members from the classic lineup who were active in the band. Powell took an interest in piano and he began taking piano lessons from a local teacher named Madalyn Brown, who claimed that Billy did not need a teacher as he was a natural and picked things up well on his own. Powell remained a Lynyrd Skynyrd mainstay throughout their renaissance over the next few decades and, right up until the end, continually thrilling longtime fans and earning new admirers along the way with his immortal piano contributions to classics like "Free Bird," "What's Your Name," "Tuesday's Gone" and "Sweet Home Alabama. He and I when on the phone would just break bad and ridiculously silly bantering back and forth on Popeye and Bluto, Richard Pryor and God knows what else, and just sit there and laugh at the whole spectacle. After his father died of cancer in , the Powells returned to the United States to settle in Jacksonville, Florida. Soon after he joined, Lynyrd Skynyrd was offered a recording contract. It was a beautiful introduction to a wonderful man and extraordinary talent. Musical career[ edit ] Lynyrd Skynyrd: I got word this morning that Billy Powell, one of the original members of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Band, passed away from a heart attack today. Yes it was Billy. He always had something good and positive to say. Of course my heart and soul are broken at such a great loss for us all. Sweet Home Alabama was a Top 10 hit in , followed in by Free Bird, which now had a distinctive piano introduction by Powell. After graduating in , Powell studied music theory at Jacksonville community college and immersed himself in the rock music scene. Vision[ edit ] During the time between the plane crash and the Lynyrd Skynyrd reunion in , Powell joined a Christian rock band, Vision, in , recorded three albums Mountain in The Sky, Vision, and Streetfighter , and toured extensively. Boivin said by phone. Powell died at home in Orange Park, Florida.

Lynyrd skynyrd piano player

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  1. When you listen to 'Sweet Home Alabama' you hear why Billy's music will live on. He will be missed.

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