Lakeshore ms

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Details of slabs and the debris field in Waveland: There is an inch truss between the 1st and 2nd floors, and this is what saved their 2nd floor from being flooded. They were staying in the home for a couple of reasons; first, because the home had not received any water at all from Camille, and, secondly, because both work in the medical field and needed to be available after the storm. They saved two other people besides the man who was floating by on the roof in the photo. He said the current was nothing like white water, but was a gentle continuous flow.

Lakeshore ms

In a matter of only five to ten minutes the water came up six feet, and quickly filled the first floor after that. This particular run is a tad shy of the actual surge values that occurred over the eastern MS coastline, but notice how Jackson County the easternmost MS county is already flooded up to the county line, as well as the Pearl River basin on the border between LA and MS. Here is the set of maps for Hancock County: This was sacred ground. Many SLOSH runs of different categories of hurricanes are done, and the maximum amount of surge in any particular location, regardless, is documented and sorted by storm category. However once there I was overwhelmed. Their home is 18 inches off the ground, and the first floor has 8-foot ceilings. I took this photo of the mural on the steps of Waveland City Hall; the steps were all that was left of the building see below for a before image of City Hall. At almost exactly 8: Bill Bradford told me when he swam out to rescue that man, that the water was so warm it seemed almost hot. These studies are done by USACE, and contain a wealth of information, including a vulnerability analysis, behavioral studies, transportation studies, a chart of the types and numbers of evacuating vehicles, time required to clear each county for different surge zones, maps for evacuation routes, evacuation zones, and surge inundation by storm category, and details of the SLOSH runs that generated the surge maps. The roof wedged against their van, underwater, and stopped, so they were able to save him. The water finally left the house completely by about 4 or 5 pm that evening. In actual landfall situations, a series of runs is done, not just one, for each forecast period the surge team is very busy! Note how the remaining trees are stripped of bark from debris hitting the trunks. They marked the high water mark HWM on the inner stairwell showing how high the water came — a little more than six more inches into the truss, which is a total of 10 feet of surge. She grabbed a camera and the Bradfords and their children ran upstairs. Image courtesy of Carl Schott Image courtesy of NoMoFilm1 The debris had to be pushed back from the roadways before any access was possible to the area, and this was slow work: There is an inch truss between the 1st and 2nd floors, and this is what saved their 2nd floor from being flooded. Judith Bradford told me that no one from the federal government seemed to realize their house was there. NOAA Waveland aerial image: Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge: Louis, followed by the map legend. Again here are a number of the NOAA aerial images of each town, followed by a detail from each image. The water started to go down sometime after 11am, and by noon was about chest high, and by 2pm about waist-deep.

Lakeshore ms

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  1. The water started to go down sometime after 11am, and by noon was about chest high, and by 2pm about waist-deep.

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