Keith cavill

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He and Cavill are speaking at colleges to help raise awareness about quadriplegics and help erase stereotypes about people with disabilities, Castelluccio said. She's now a freelance writer, and has a new baby. I just said it, and I don't think I meant to say it out loud, but I did, and he heard me," she said. Cavill was rushed to the hospital after the motocross accident, and, after several surgeries, received devastating news — he would never walk again.

Keith cavill

By his side, as his new reality began to sink in, was his girlfriend of two years, Christine Coppa. I did everything imaginable," Coppa said. Castelluccio said IU was the third stop on a six-campus tour this fall. Cavill's new sense of excitement and confidence was just the opening Coppa had been waiting for. Coppa turned her breakup with Cavill into an article for Glamour magazine. She was afraid of how he would take it, and was consumed with guilt. For more information, click here to read Christine Coppa's Glamour article or visit Keith Cavill's website at http: The moment finally arrived to tell him she was leaving. During the question-and-answer session, Cavill introduced his best friend and teammate from the Jets, Matt Castelluccio, who helped answer questions and give another perspective about the disability. And, he's got a new girlfriend. He said the tour has been going great and so far their audiences have been quite receptive to their message. She remembers that tragic day vividly. Looking back, Cavill only wishes Coppa the best. Email Freedom on two wheels — it's a common fascination for boys growing up in America. It reminded me of something like Frankenstein," Coppa said. Coppa didn't know how to tell Cavill about the tough decision she had made. Senior Laura Burke attended the event Friday because she wanted to see the movie and hear about quadriplegics from someone with the disability. I didn't want to wake up one day, 40 years old, being like, where did my life go? Burke, a therapeutic recreation major, has an internship in a spinal cord injury unit in San Diego this summer and said she learned a lot hearing Cavill and Castelluccio talk about their lives as quadriplegics. Speaking to an audience of more than 50 people in the Whittenberger Auditorium Friday, Cavill shared his story about being a quadriplegic rugby player. Cavill was finally able to come home ten months after the accident. While Coppa struggled with her difficult decision, Cavill was exposed to something that made men in wheelchairs seem macho and in control. However, he said the status also exposed him to many disingenuous people. The event, hosted by the Union Board, featured a question-and-answer session with Cavill following a screening of the film. He and Cavill are speaking at colleges to help raise awareness about quadriplegics and help erase stereotypes about people with disabilities, Castelluccio said.

Keith cavill

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  1. Cavill said playing quad rugby has helped him deal with his injury and given him a chance to talk with others like him.

  2. Cavill, a year-old New Jersey native, suffered a broken neck after a motocross accident in He said that after he left rehabilitation, he was shocked at how much he had to adjust to his new way of life.

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