Institut f r rationale psychologie sex

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A deep sense of the pointlessness of life predominates when there is an absence of investment in love, work, ideals, children, or values. Coleman proposed an evaluation grid to detect sexual addiction. The starting point is a devouring sexual need that can have various manifestations: In this article — reflecting the collaboration of a clinical psychologist and a neuroscientist — we show that in the current period, sexual affiliation is one of the most promising affiliation context to articulate a debate, a dialog and convergence points between psychoanalysis and neuroscience.

Institut f r rationale psychologie sex

In France, research in clinical psychopathology took some time to take an interest in the phenomenon. Engaging in a therapeutic undertaking can be the occasion for the subject to maintain a relationship in a stable rhythm as a couple, with certain overall constants. On the medical level and in the scientific literature, the notion of sexual dependency was developed by Goodman , , a psychiatrist of psychoanalytic orientation. We are far from the censure of the early 20th century when kissing scenes were simply cut from cinematographic reels. In , the North American psychiatrists Reed and Blaine proposed a nosological description of addictive sexuality and described a process in four phases in which both compulsive and impulsive aspects can be found: But as soon as the sexual act has taken place, certain subjects can be gripped by sadness, remorse, as well as by feelings of shame, and guilt. Sexuality has become recreational, and even imperative. Here, there are no half-measure. Often fitted out with minor conveniences slings, glory holes, cages reminiscent of the prison world, labyrinths … , they can be play areas that are appreciated by sex-addicts. The subjects who present at least two of the following characteristics can recognize themselves as being sex-addicts: The inability to be happy in a couple relationship, repetition compulsion, giving the impression of a loss of control, and the centering of an existence that only focuses on a single preoccupation; these elements — associated with a painful sense of failure — are often at the origin of a request for treatment. If the AIDS years led to the closing down of most of these places in the United States, it is in the major European cities that they flourish today. But these statistics remain empirical in the measure that there have been no epidemiological studies on the question. Abstract Sexual motivation is a fundamental behavior in human. In this configuration, it is difficult to integrate new experiences; the repetition compulsion shows that time does not pass and that it is frozen. The experience of shrinkage of time in these cases can lead to an intense and growing fear of death, a sense of injustice at the briefness of life as they experience it. He distinguished the subjective temporality of neurotic subjects tending toward the investment of a complete object and that of subjects reduced to a narcissistic libido. In , the National Council on Sex Addiction was created to inform the public and warn about the risks related to addictive sexuality. Strangely, they developed just as homosexuality started to come out of the shadows, as if to pay a funereal homage to the dark, hidden, clandestine, and shameful places long frequented — for lack of choice — by homosexuals repressed by the police. In this posture, it is a matter of contenting oneself with fragments as they appear without worrying about the whole, of switching to something else. In these practices, the sexual partner cannot exist in his identitary or historical dimension: Coleman proposed an evaluation grid to detect sexual addiction. The notions of duration, accomplishment, of the associative link, are quite simply wiped out. A deep sense of the pointlessness of life predominates when there is an absence of investment in love, work, ideals, children, or values. The danger being that external images come little by little to replace fantasies produced from within.

Institut f r rationale psychologie sex

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