How to talk ghetto

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Two of the three existing senses need citations to enable us to defend the definitions less arbitrarily. In a case like this where our definitions have no citations supporting them we are almost starting with a clean slate, except for our defensiveness. Substandard[ edit ] I have heard teenagers use the word "ghetto" as an adjective to mean something like "unacceptably substandard" or "pitifully poor quality" or even, "thoroughly unstylish". Other dictionaries excluding learners' dictionaries have senses.

How to talk ghetto

Another example of sense 2 is "graduate student ghetto", which I've found attested here , here , and here. I got this last part of the sentence from Urban Dictionary, but I'd use it like that too, although I don't really use the word ghetto anyways. Its slang meaning could possibly be: We want the pass back. The ones with 2 omit the historical sense. I think nowadays, the word ghetto is closely related to urban, poor, blacks, etc. What do you think? This is not a mere counsel of perfection. In such a condition, we should first scan other "unabridged" dictionaries' definitions, identify any apparent inadequacies such as being euphemistic in some way , get some citations to support any elements likely to be questioned, and make adjustments based on usage found, especially for recent or obsolete usage. The word "poor" also has a similar type of definition associated with the surroundings. There is now an abundant black-authored, black-themed fiction, with dialog, from which one can draw citations of specific contemporary senses for the adjective as well as the noun. Get yo'self a propa' e-ju-ma-kay-shun, kid! It also has a verb 'to ghetto' but no adjectival senses. Ghetto is also the term for "talking black". Man, why you gotta be actin all ghetto? Though I don't live in the 'hood, much of my city is the 'hood. If we merge them, finding three citation is going to be really, really easy. Our adjectival senses may be real, or just the noun used attributively. The combined process can be done fairly expeditiously. Also, though a 'real' Jewish ghetto had rigid boundaries enforced by law, some areas called ghettos now? Anyway, I'm going to round up some citations for us to work with. It doesn't even try to be exhaustive: Please do not modify this conversation, but feel free to discuss its conclusions. I also suspect that the sense of the noun has shifted a bit under the influence of the adjective, the senses of which are also uncited. I don't really know how to make them less wordy without losing something significant.

How to talk ghetto

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