How to prevent razor bumps on chest

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TeensHealth suggests finishing off the rinse with cold water to close off pores. This powerful, naturally antiseptic spray is great for problem skin but is useful for protecting skin after body shaving, too. No doubt the best way to shave chest hair, is by using one of these fellas. Go as short as you can, then hop into the shower — if the remaining stubble is damp it'll be much easier to shave.

How to prevent razor bumps on chest

If you look after the body shaver, it can give you years of service. Step 3 Trim any extra hairs that are too long to shave with a small pair of scissors. To help prevent this try spraying your chest with an antiseptic spray see below or apply a light coating of a nappy rash cream like Sudocrem. And finally, if you want to avoid painful ingrown hairs once the fuzz begins to regrow, exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week with a good body scrub. Using a scissors, is never a good idea, unless you want patches on your pecs. No doubt the best way to shave chest hair, is by using one of these fellas. Apply a water-based shaving gel for sensitive skin. Step 2 Apply a pre-shave oil such as jojoba oil. What you need to know, is how to shave your chest properly, and how using a body hair shaver can make the whole thing less of a chore and help to keep irritation to an absolute minimum. Shaving off significant amounts of chest hair — if done the hard way — can be laborious and end up giving you the dreaded post-shave itch and associated skin irritation. Shaving your chest becomes a breeze when you use a body shaver like this. Such an unsatisfactory shaving experience can put you off shaving your chest for several weeks — and you think shaving your face is boring! See, easy peasy — and a damn sight less eye-watering than waxing. Always follow the direction of hair growth and use short, gentle strokes. As you strive to improve your physique, you need to see progress. Shaving your chest should be done in a way that is fast, efficient, and that will minimize irritation and give you a nice smooth finish. Not just for babies' bums, this useful nappy rash cream is brilliant at dealing with razor burn and post shave irritation. Thick sludges of long hairs and shaving gel — get jammed between the blades — reducing the effectiveness of each stroke of your razor. Alternatively, go the whole way and shave for the completely smooth and silky look. Video of the Day Step 1 Wash your chest with warm water. It sounds weird but it works a treat. Just taking off the top layers of chest hair, means your disposable razor will need to work overtime. Of all the body hair removal methods available, shaving is by far the easiest and least painful. As the skin on your chest is unaccustomed to shaving, it tends to be prone to nasty shaving rashes, and itchy bumps can form, too. Go as short as you can, then hop into the shower — if the remaining stubble is damp it'll be much easier to shave. For the best results use brand new blades.

How to prevent razor bumps on chest

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  1. For starters, the whole process is easier if you trim the hair back first using hair clippers, a beard trimmer or, if you don't have either of these, a pair of scissors.

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