How many americans are against same sex marriages

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This marked the first Gallup poll where a majority of Protestants supported same-sex marriage. Email A majority of Americans oppose allowing homosexual couples to marry legally, but most also say it's not worth amending the U. This fraction may reflect principled objections based on conservative political or religious beliefs. Support for same-sex marriage was markedly higher, 85 percent, among Americans with no religious affiliation.

How many americans are against same sex marriages

See the full questions and results. Even so, they help us understand the beliefs and motives from which our polarised views of same-sex marriage spring. The Court also agreed to take a case about whether a cake shop owner near Denver should be allowed to refuse to create wedding cakes for gay and lesbian couples because of his religiously based opposition to same-sex marriage. This research indicates that much of the opposition to same-sex marriage is grounded in sexual prejudice, despite that opposition often being publicly justified on different grounds. Research by Dutch social psychologist Jojanneke van der Toorn and colleagues suggests there may be some truth to both points of view. However, on the question of a constitutional amendment, more were opposed than for it. The survey found that 47 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents favor allowing same-sex marriage, with 48 percent opposed. Opponents also referred to nature when discussing marriage and gender. Support for same-sex marriage was markedly higher, 85 percent, among Americans with no religious affiliation. Republicans are now split As recently as , Republicans opposed same-sex marriage nearly two-to-one. Forty-eight percent of people who are not married say homosexual marriages should be legal, compared with 28 percent of married people. A third group of factors associated with same-sex marriage attitudes is demographic. More religious people were more opposed to same-sex marriage primarily because they had more negative attitudes to homosexuality. It helps explain the roots of our attitudes to same-sex marriage, and whether they are shallow enough to allow attitudes to change. However, 10 percent of those who oppose homosexual marriages do support allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions. Younger people are consistently more likely to support marriage equality than older people. Roughly two thirds of the association between religiosity and opposition to same-sex marriage was explained by those attitudes. The report, based on a survey conducted earlier this month, suggests public opinion is shifting quickly, two years after the Supreme Court's Obergefell v. Although they tend to be more religious than liberals, their opposition to same-sex marriage is not reducible to their religiosity. Are attitudes to same-sex marriage alterable? This was not always the case. In July, President Bush said marriage should be between a man and a woman, and "we ought to codify that one way or the other. That's still considerably lower than younger generations: Views on civil unions and same-sex marriages largely coincide. Messenger As the Australian same-sex marriage debate heats up it may be time for cool reflection on the sources of our polarised views.

How many americans are against same sex marriages

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  1. Older Americans are more favorable now The survey also found that a majority of Baby Boomers — 56 percent — now approve. Here, there's a gender gap:

  2. Support is also growing among groups that have been more skeptical than the population as a whole toward allowing gays and lesbians to legally marry.

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