Good christian marriage books

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You can use these books for small-group studies, or you can use them as part of a more extensive marriage ministry in your church. What happens when we set aside our own wants and preferences and focus on that which brings glory to God? In this book on marriage , he examines a relationship that seeks first the things of God. The authors have a website that a goes with their book here. A man and woman, both made in the image of God, and both given the procreation and dominion mandates.

Good christian marriage books

Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God by C. It will also cover the trials that married couples go through and how we can respond in a loving way. Bringing together the biggest Christian artists, filmmakers, authors, and athletes, this special event is the ultimate fan experience. Marriage We have not always been well-served by books on marriage, but in recent years we have seen several excellent new titles. Are we best serving the gospel by simply working on communication or is there something deeper that we need to address? Top Recommendation The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller This is a powerful book; it is my new favorite book on marriage and the best of all the books I read in A companion journal will be published soon. For some, quality time together is the best way to build intimacy. Personal application questions throughout the books get readers involved. Readers write action plans as they go through each chapter. Amazon This book is written for pre-marriage counselors, coaches and pastors, but it may be suitable for couples also. Besides the Bible, the books in these lists have, no doubt, transformed our approach to marriage and softened our attitudes toward each other. The inside pages are identical. God can perform miracles in your personal life — and in your marriage — as you learn how to be the best spouse possible. What happens when we set aside our own wants and preferences and focus on that which brings glory to God? Using the small group guidelines and chapter-by-chapter discussion questions in each book, you will find it easy to help couples improve strong marriages and strengthen troubled marriages. The Bible-based truths apply to every group and culture. Each book is interactive. Since each book has six chapters, at the rate of one chapter per week it would take forty-eight weeks to study all eight books. How will you navigate this path together? Among other things, it leads to a marriage that is more loving, forgiving, and pleasing to God. A Christ-Centered Wedding by Catherine Parks — Focused on the wedding ceremony and providing helpful counsel for making the day all about Jesus. You can study one or more books, or you can go through all eight. This revised and expanded edition brings you new chapters and 21 humorous and thought-provoking cartoons. Get Started Today Visit our bookstore to order sample books, then review them carefully. KFA Books The summer is full of couples who are ready to tie the knot and take the next step in a lifelong relationship. Every chapter shows couples how to apply a specific biblical truth to their marriage.

Good christian marriage books

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  1. It will also cover the trials that married couples go through and how we can respond in a loving way.

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