Five guys holland mi

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The other recent burger places don't even come close, Bagger Daves and Smashburger aren't even in the same universe as the simple delicious burgers you'll find here. This location also has that Coke machine where you pick from different combinations. She then hid in the back.

Five guys holland mi

Hopefully they can make some patio seating or something. Also, if I count on something, because it's happened every time I've dined there, and then they don't deliver, i can't count on them for consistency. Docked 2 for rude inept service. This five guys just opened, but it's just like all the others. You could even add different flavors to a pop. Especially nice that they cut it in half length wise, fits on the bun nicely. They do sell hot dogs though. Burgers were fairly small and over cooked and definitely not juicy. Makes for a very messy burger like 10 napkins. Especially if you get a lot of condiments on it. They had a touchscreen with so They missed the cheese on my burger but it tasted so good that I didn't bother bringing it up. Small dining area, but we were able to find a spot. She then hid in the back. I recommend starting with the Little Cheeseburger and splitting a Little Fry with someone, that's a good amount of food for lunch. I preferred the ice tea with fresh lemon slices. A really fast production even with the burgers being made to order. We'll just wait a little later before coming next time. That was some great advice and that is exactly what I ordered. Yet we still had a good time, enjoyed the food, and will be back. Great burgers and amazing fries! They call it a little burger but realistically even for somebody like me who likes to eat it was plenty by the time I added lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo, ketchup and mustard. My only complaint on the fries would be that just like in Chicago they give you about 2 to 3 times as many fries as you order. They have peanuts to munch on while waiting but we didn't get through many as food came pretty fast. That is probably the last time I go to this place. This location also has that Coke machine where you pick from different combinations. The pop machines were unique or at least I've never seen anything like them before.

Five guys holland mi

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  1. I preferred the ice tea with fresh lemon slices. I like how they offered it on the side if we weren't sure we'd like something.

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