Fastest six shooter

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His daughter, Lena and Wife Kay Clark are also accomplished shooters in their own right. He lived there for 37 years before relocating to Northern Louisiana. In a demo, using a Colt. This was after he fired 16 shots at a single target from a revolver in July of

Fastest six shooter

His official website is also full of information on his latest activities. Munden claimed to have held many of these older records, with a fastest Walk and Draw Level time of 0. His prowess with guns has continued to capture the imagination of many of his fans who often wonder what his next accomplishment is going to be. Superpower details His accomplishments are as numerous as they are amazing. He runs a company, Bang Incorporated where he offers shooting and gun safety lessons to interested individuals. In a demo, using a Colt. Fast Draw includes multiple events, each with its own world record. McGivern demonstrated that with proper sights and use, the. His shooting was so rapid, timing machines would malfunction in attempting to record his shooting speed. Jerry Miculek Youtube Video What we can learn from him Looking at his accomplishments, two things stand out; he works to improve his previous performance and he clearly loves what he does. University of Nebraska Press. He lived there for 37 years before relocating to Northern Louisiana. The record with the shortest time is single shot open freestyle using a light-weight gun held by Ernie Hill, of Litchfield Park, Ariz. He developed a remarkable talent for the two activities which his parents supported and encouraged. What he is currently doing He continues to set records with his incredible shooting skills. In , Jerry fired 6 shots from 10 individual revolvers in What he has accomplished seems impossible but most who have seen him in action will tell you that Jerry Miculek excels at making the impossible seem possible. All of his titles are great and more than one person can accumulate in a lifetime but it is his ability to shoot very fast that has made Jerry Miculek a legend. He is also holds the title of Revolver Champion 10 times and the 8 time National Revolver champion. Genetic or Learned Super Power? Record Controversy[ edit ] The Guinness Book of World Records listed Bob Munden in the and previous editions as the "World's fastest gun", [6] but they stopped publishing the record in later editions so that the book could be approved as a reference source for school libraries. His preferred type of iron sight for this use was a small-diameter rear aperture and a post with a gold bead for the front. Three days later, his family moved to the southern part of the state of Louisiana. Therefore what we can learn from Jerry Miculek is very simple; passion and hard work will get you where you want to be. This was after he fired 16 shots at a single target from a revolver in July of

Fastest six shooter

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