Does sex feel the same after a hysterectomy

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Women should expect to be rehabilitated from surgery-related symptoms about two months post-op. And of the many treatment options which include pain medications and hormone therapies , hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries is not a first-line treatment. If you are about to be one of them, a frank discussion with your gynecologist is an essential first step.

Does sex feel the same after a hysterectomy

Psychological Healing After Hysterectomy Can Take Time For some, the emotional trauma of hysterectomy may take much longer to heal than the physical effects. Feeling a little down or having a sense of loss after a surgery is normal. Not to mention, their are many new alternatives your doctor may not have told you about for those women who want to avoid a hysterectomy. These are critical for both sexual health and bone health. After the ovaries are removed, estrogen therapy can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Virtually every woman expresses concerns, if not to her doctor, to her partner, or even herself about how hysterectomy will affect her sexual function, desire, and desirability. For women who have their ovaries removed, it can cause a decline in sexual desire since those organs produce estrogen and progesterone. Because the procedure fast forwards the body into menopause, women are likely to deal with vaginal dryness which can make sex painful. I did my own study and polled the guys. This can be alleviated by using lubricants or other vaginal creams. Informed consent is a must before going ahead with this procedure, says Streicher. You should see it in your inbox very soon. A hysterectomy is a major surgery that causes the body to go through many physical and psychological transitions. So, bottom line, once again, it is menopause that seems to sabotage sex, not hysterectomy. Obviously, I could go on and on. One woman told me she was out for a stroll the day after her laparoscopic hysterectomy when she got a frantic call from her husband: Here are the three types of hysterectomies: If you have a bowl of spaghetti with a large meatball in the middle and then someone removes the large meatball, the space the meatball formerly occupied is replaced by the spaghetti. When a woman has cervical or uterine cancer, she may opt for this very rare type of procedure which includes the removal of the cervix, tissue surrounding the cervix, uterus and upper part of the vagina. How soon you can have sex after a hysterectomy really depends on the type of hysterectomy: The cervix also holds nerves that are aroused during sexual activity. For others, the removal of their uterus signals the beginning of being pain-free, not feeling tired from anemia, not having to worry about contraception and not having to dread their monthly menses. I decided to compile a list of the 5 most common myths I still hear, every day, regarding this operation, which over , women undergo each year. That means a lot of women who worry about their postoperative sexuality do just that — worry. For some women, hysterectomy brings out sadness and signals an end to fertility.

Does sex feel the same after a hysterectomy

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  1. Women under the age of 50 usually keep their ovaries unless they have a situation in which there is a problem with an ovary, or their ovaries are contributing to their problem, as in the case of severe endometriosis.

  2. Conservative surgery using a minimally invasive method may be one option, and will preserve the uterus. Orgasmic Expectations Eliminating the uterus can mean that nerves allowing the body to climax were cut.

  3. Not to mention, their are many new alternatives your doctor may not have told you about for those women who want to avoid a hysterectomy.

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