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Roll her clitoris across your lips. Well, I suggest that you ask your partner if he or she would like to experiment with your vagina. Studies show this reduces the risk of invasive cancer as your dentist can often identify a lesion when it is small and hopefully pre-cancerous.


However, even before we knew about HPV women were getting Pap smears to diagnose pre-cancers, dramatically reducing the risk of death from cervical cancer. And hey, have fun down there. Never hesitate to ask questions. The spot just inside her opening is very sensitive. Sometimes you kinda wanna kiss and squeeze the ice cream with your lips. It used to be you were less of a man if you ate pussy. It makes me tense up, and prevents me from enjoying the sensations to the fullest. It should, at the very least, be equal. What I mean is, this is meant for men, but the results benefit straight women, too. Give me spirit fingers. The satisfaction will be far more immense. Getting your vagina kissed and licked can take you to one of the seven heavens of pleasure, but it can also take you to a place of discomfort and awkwardness.. Praise the vagina, let us know that you love her as much as we do. If you want to be great at licking, you need to be confident. She offers therapy sessions related to everything from a heartbreak to a dysfunctional sexuality. You want to apply a good amount of pressure with your tongue but not so much you knock the scoop off the cone. Softer than you think, slower is better, and use lots of variety. So I started asking different women about their thoughts on the matter. Yep, cunnilingus is a form of art. And they all look different too. The more partners you have, the greater your risk of exposure. And you need to feel me! Let her feel your desire to pull her body up against your face, to inhale her, to divide her with your tongue and taste her. Receive it as a gift. And then let your tongue show up to the pussy party and part her labia like Moses spreading the Red Sea. How do I start? In one study bad dentition was an additional risk factor distinct from dental visits.


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  1. I know, that sounds like bullshit. Then slowly make your way back up to her waiting pearly gates.

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