Chastity keyholder service

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Other options may be available for additional prices. And my wicked analytical mind loves digging deeper to get to the core of what turns you on and how exactly. Meet with me on Skype and we can discuss your attraction to the lifestyle as well as begin to signpost you towards activities that you can begin to try out immediately.

Chastity keyholder service

Innocent, editorial, glamour, fetish, artistic… Whatever. I can also send a dog tag for you to wear with your padlock. I do much prefer to reward than to punish as my punishments are just that - a punishment and not something you would enjoy. Even within my modelling work I love knowing that when I am doing photoshoots the photographer or the videographer are desperately trying to conceal raging stiffies at the sight of my naked body and alluring eyes in front of them. It doesn't stop you from having an erection indeed restricting blood flow is never a good idea but it does mean you can't play and you can't orgasm. Since naughty little boys think with their naughty little willies I love using their sexual desire against them. Take you time to do the research and choose the one to suit you. After an agreed term, I then send you the key by royal Mail so you can release yourself. Subscribe Now About myself I am a strict but fair Domme. They can be cut off by yourself, but if you do it early, then I will not be happy! I am looking at that lens imagining how they are seeing me. Picture proof must also be emailed once a week and at the end of the agreed time, before I send the key. Types of locks Brass locks: With your cock locked up, you will be more focused on work, your life and your submission to Me than on wanking and watching porn. Eyes are the windows to the soul. I love breaking them down in a mental bootcamp until they are my willing blank canvases so I can begin painting the perfect slave on it. Once you receive the lock and have locked your cock up, you must email me picture proof including proof of the date for example a newspaper. We will agree upon services, extras, time frame and prices. There's a choice of round or heart-shaped dog tags. Alternatively I have a service for chastity keyholding. I love to use my body to tease. Part of the reason I have been so popular within my modelling is because my eyes are so expressive. I love chastity and tease and denial play! I love knowing that I turn my slaves on. But my only aim is to grow my army of devotees who have only one true desire — to follow my commands.

Chastity keyholder service

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  1. And my wicked analytical mind loves digging deeper to get to the core of what turns you on and how exactly.

  2. We will agree upon services, extras, time frame and prices. Service I offer and how it works The key holding service is just that.

  3. You will be hard pressed to find another Domme who will push your sexual resistance limits as much as I do. I can guide you into exploring whether this is a viable route for you to travel down.

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