Catching your parents having sex

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A lot of fluids get sloshed around during love making, and the last place that should be left on is your kids bed. This is another situation that has to be scarring for a child, and probably super embarrassing for the parents. Children love their parents, and are normally horrified at the thought of losing them. Some are scarred for life, while others seemed to be not as horrified, but either way it is an image no one wants to see. This was at about 2:

Catching your parents having sex

To be able to keep a straight face and pull off sleep walking while mom is moaning and dad is going to town must have been terrifying and uncomfortable. It would be interesting to hear how the rest of the story went, did mom and dad confess what was going on? Some are scarred for life, while others seemed to be not as horrified, but either way it is an image no one wants to see. For this kid, karma got to them in one of the worst ways. We get it, when in the mood, sometimes people do not care where they do it at, but come on. There really is no excuse, there are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to love making- shower, doggy style against the washing machine, on the rug, or even in the backyard. No amount of laundry cycles will ever get rid of the disgusting horror that went on in those sheets. The older kids get the more they understand about love making, but what is between parents is between parents, and no point should a child have to witness that. They, like everyone else, come with kinks that need some smoothing out. These 15 kids reveal one of the worst things a kid can witness…their parents making love. This was in , I was You probably having nothing to worry about mom and dad, your kiddo learned their lesson. Afterward, we got drunk munchies and all made our way home. Thanksgiving in my hometown involves everyone going out the night before and getting hammered at all the downtown bars. I had met up with all my friends around 8 PM, got dinner, and then proceeded to get hammered. At others, kids may return home when the parents aren't aware, leading to some pretty awkward doorway moments. There are so many better times to discuss extending the family- at the dinner table, on the way to soccer, or during family movie night. However old this kid is, they know what love making looks like and that it equals a child…but they are either not at the age where they understand to be grossed out, or they just really want a sister and do not care. I do not think there is any age where anyone wants to actually witness their parents getting it on. No matter the age- 6, 17, or 36, no children want to witness their parents in the act. Do the parents know the extent to which this scarred their kids? This does not make mom and dad bad parents if they kept going at it, because they assumed their child was not aware of what was going on. So, this takes some serious skill to pull off. I must applaud this kid for their fast thinking, there were so many other ways to react to that situation! I suppose I have to tell it.

Catching your parents having sex

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