Can multiple sex partners cause aids

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When relationships change or breakdown this often involves other sexual partners. Other types of needles, such as those used for body piercing and tattoos, can also carry HIV. Any woman who is pregnant or considering becoming pregnant and thinks she may have been exposed to HIVeven if the exposure occurred years agoshould seek testing and counseling. This assumes that you both have committed to not having sex with anyone else, and that neither of you has been exposed to HIV since the first test.

Can multiple sex partners cause aids

That would be about as logical as the bizarre notions of "intelligent design" and "virgin birth. Even among those who do well on HAART, roughly half of patients experience treatment failure within a year or two, often because the virus develops resistance to existing drugs. Some STDs are associated with certain types of cancer. Demographic and health characteristics Participants reported demographic characteristics including age, race, employment status, whether they live in a city or rural area, and marital status. If you think you might have been exposed to HIV, you should get tested as soon as possible. But if you don't have a million dollars, you can't give it to me, right? Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for STDs. Does having multiple sex partners increase the risk of HIV infection? Yes, it is possible though not well documented. Such activity includes vaginal, oral and anal intercourse. STDs can cause infertility, premature and still births, infant pneumonia, eye infections leading to blindness, and even death. Failure to take anti-HIV drugs on schedule and in the prescribed dosage encourages the development of new drugresistant viral strains. Here are just a few suggestions for how you can make a difference: Women are at greater risk of HIV infection through vaginal sex than men, although the virus can also be transmitted from women to men. How often reinfection occurs is not known. There continues to be no evidence that HIV can be transmitted through air, water, food, or casual body contact. You can have a full and active sex life without the negative partner ever catching HIV. Most scientists agree that while HIV transmission through deep or prolonged "French" kissing may be possible, it would be extremely unlikely. As the virus grows, it damages or kills these and other cells, weakening the immune system and leaving the person vulnerable to various opportunistic infections and other illnesses ranging from pneumonia to cancer. Dubya probably thinks you can indeed get HIV this way. How contagious is HIV? This will give you the greatest chance of having an undetectable viral load. Unprotected oral sex with someone who has HIV. How does HIV spread, and what can i do. Are women especially vulnerable to HIV?

Can multiple sex partners cause aids

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  1. Being in love, going steady, or even getting married does not automatically protect you from HIV.

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