Brisbane gumtree dogs

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A Labradoodle owner takes to Instagram to respond to a scam using pictures of their puppy Instagram The breeders found an image of one of their pups had been used on a scam page, long after the puppy had been rehomed. Deer Creek Labradoodles was flooded with requests, and took to Facebook to warn prospective buyers about the scam. It is an easy way to see if someone has simply taken a puppy picture from a website and posted it as their dog. The site is secure and easy to use and our support is awesome.

Brisbane gumtree dogs

Sometimes they go as far as to provide details for a fake courier company. Then, things got weird. I used a tool called a reverse-image search, which checks to see if a picture has been posted somewhere else on the internet. The online dog-for-sale ad looked trustworthy enough. Real dogs, fake ads The trouble with a purchase like a puppy is the internet is the most common place to look. At this point, journalistic rigour kicked in, and I began to sniff out a scam. Tim Adams from Dogs Victoria, the association representing purebred breeders, has some tips. But Mr Adams said protections were getting tougher. I made contact with the advertiser, introducing myself and my lifestyle, making my puppy pitch to prove that my partner and I would be responsible parents. The fabulous "Bris-Vegas" offers up a rich smorgasbord of culture, entertainment, shopping, sport and outdoor activities in a city where the weather is "beautiful one day, perfect the next". Once payment is made, the seller disappears, and the puppy never turns up. Because of the large number of Australians seeing the fake ad, Consumer Protection WA took up the cause, and the page has since been removed. With far more houses sitting jobs, every month, than any other site, this is the right place to jump in. Many breeders have complained about the difficulty in getting sites to act when scams are reported. I would only need to pay for postage. The food, the entertainment, the river, the sport, the art, the shopping - there is SO much to do. At first, the "breeder" asked all the right questions, putting us through the motions to prove our suitability: It is an easy way to see if someone has simply taken a puppy picture from a website and posted it as their dog. Endeavour to meet the breeder in person, and meet the adult dogs. American breeders Deer Creek Labradoodles recently found themselves at the centre of a scam, which took off on Facebook and spread through many Australian networks. The "breeder" continued to ignore my questions about their affiliation with any clubs or organisations, and questions about the dog's parents. I did a web search of the "breeder's" email address, which brought up warnings on a dog website that revealed the scammer was quite prolific. In the seedy world of puppy scams, it is common for scammers to take photos from legitimate breeders' websites and post them on their own. The ACCC's ScamWatch has been warning about puppy scams for the past decade, and as online advertising has changed, scammers have moved from traditional ad sites to social media. Looking at the data attached to my puppy photo, I could see the photo was taken in

Brisbane gumtree dogs

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  1. Puppy scams involve online advertisements designed to trick buyers into paying for dogs that don't exist. It is an easy way to see if someone has simply taken a puppy picture from a website and posted it as their dog.

  2. With so many pet owners in the mix, and being Australia's third largest city, there is always lots of house sitting going on, and this is the best site to get involved. In this instance, the search revealed no matches — but I know savvy scammers can hide their footprints by flipping, cropping or otherwise altering the image so it doesn't get picked up.

  3. Mr Adams says that is important to check the puppy's temperament, as well as avoid being ripped off. The final piece of proof that something dodgy was afoot was revealed by the simplest step, and the one I should have taken first.

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