Bohemia cane corso

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The preferred gait is the trot. However, this is certainly not a breed for everyone. Of these two breeds, the Cane Corso is lighter and, in the Middle ages was used as a hunter of wild game. The upper longitudinal axes of the skull and the muzzle converge slightly. Jaws very large, thick and curved.

Bohemia cane corso

Black and large with ample, open nostrils, on the same line as the nasal bridge. Slightly less compact than the forefeet. Black, lead-grey, slate-grey, light grey, light fawn; stag red and dark fawn; brindle stripes on different shades of fawn or grey ; in fawn coloured and brindle dogs the black or grey mask on the muzzle should not go beyond the line of the eyes. Level bite acceptable, but not sought after. When selecting a breeder, you will have consider advice and form your own opinions about which breeders are most dedicated ones. Large and typically molossoid. Long, wide, slightly inclined. You must also be sure that you want a Cane Corso for the right reasons, and that you are prepared to establish your own authority over the dog in order to bring up a well-adjusted, sensibly behaved companion. Robust and sturdy, nevertheless elegant. Carpal joint and pasterns: Noticeably shorter than the skull ratio muzzle: A small white patch on the chest, on the tips of the feet and on the bridge of the nose is acceptable. Well developed in three dimensions, reaches to the elbow. Guardian of property, family and livestock; extremely agile and responsive. If the breeder from whom you are buying a puppy asks you a lot of personal questions, do not be insulted. Expression keen and attentive. You should have carefully weighed your family situation and living environment , and it is important for you to realize just how powerful an adult Cane Corso will become. Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree. They are absolutely best for families with children. Short, shiny, very dense with a light undercoat. Partial depigmentation of the nose. In action carried high, but never curled nor erect. Our primary focus is to raise absolutely The Best show and working quality dogs. Your breeder will be a resource long after you buy your puppy and you must be able to call with reasonable questions without being made to feel like a pest. Colour of iris as dark as possible, depending from the colour of the coat.

Bohemia cane corso

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  1. Robust and sturdy, nevertheless elegant. Colour of iris as dark as possible, depending from the colour of the coat.

  2. Males from 45 to 50 kg, females from40 to 45 kg. Cane Corso is also know as the Italian Mastiff.

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