Bitchy wives

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Pretend my storm is an actual storm, and you get a front row seat which, incidentally, some people would pay for. Maybe you're imagining it, maybe you're not. At the same time, I need to take care of myself right now so I'm gonna go chill for a while.

Bitchy wives

It's that he wasn't taking me too seriously. One minute they're using the ickle wickle baby voice, the next they're storming out of the pub because their husband looked at the waitress for too long. We can switch from ecstatic to melodramatic in an instant, and be ready for tiramisu right after. At that point, I retreat into the other room and lick my wounds. I'm like your own personal hurricane. Other expressions include the slack-jawed nostril-inflate and the dead-eyed grimace. For the most part, I know when to stick around and when to stay away. What you been up to? Here's a truthful secret for you: But she can be a real bitch sometimes. They subtly ostracise the newcomer with elaborate bonding exercises. The evil genius of this tactic is that there's no resolution. There is no permanent state, particularly when it comes to women. The more you can hold off on shaming me for being upset over something 'illogical,' the more we can work as a team to figure out what's really going on. It involves triangulating the target by zoning in on another woman in their mutual company and heaping praise and compliments on her. This just happens to be the one that's coming out right now. Know that it's not really about what it's about When I'm being a bitch, we're in Emotion Land. I would like to tell you that I raised her hair flick with a stone-cold eye roll, but instead, I smiled even wider. It's far better to admit you don't know than to constantly attempt to figure out the enigma wrapped in a riddle served on a bed of unpredictable with a little dollop of wtf on top that constitutes the psyche of a woman. And I've learned that occasionally, it's best to just leave the room. Wishing it wasn't or telling me to stop isn't going to work. The bitch doesn't have this capability or intellectual range. More to the point, how do women like her survive in this world? When I'm pissed, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, it's happening. It will change in the next moment, just like the weather. And once you stop taking it to be something to be defended against or resentful of, it can actually be kind of entertaining.

Bitchy wives

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  1. The backhanded compliment is dated, which is why it's a favourite of mothers-in-law and women of a certain vintage. It involves triangulating the target by zoning in on another woman in their mutual company and heaping praise and compliments on her.

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