Big c jamboree

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The bottom line is that it's going to be a nice night. They're doing us a great honor by showing an interest. Although the monthly jam is devoted to rockabilly, the Big "C" Jamboree has also offered the span of s and '50s American roots music, from hillbilly boogie to western swing, jump blues and first generation rock 'n' roll.

Big c jamboree

The day after that you're dressing like him. There's vintage clothes, from a cocktail dress to a sharkskin suit. And which probably shouldn't lest it turn into some kind of tired formula or straightjacket. The Suttons, who were then dating, decided to start a jam session exclusively dedicated to s roots music. It behooves us to remain open and willing to accept anyone who shows any interest whatsoever. It has nothing to do with right-wing politics or a desire to live in the past. Although the Big "C" Jamboree welcomes "civilian" music fans, the regular crowd includes a bevy of diehard rockabilly devotees who dress the part, from '50s zoot suiters to leather-jacketed greasers bearing tattoos from knuckle to shoulder. I think everybody's looking for that, no matter what kind of music you're into -- you're looking to have a quality evening of entertainment and feel welcomed and turned on to new music. This whole scene is about having a great time and sharing the fun with everybody. They're doing us a great honor by showing an interest. There's anything cool - whether pop or obscure - which might have been created last week but which is firmly rooted in postwar American culture. The Big C Jamboree celebrates a contemporary life-style which doesn't really have a name. Please accept this open invitation: That says a lot about Chicago and its local musicians and people. The music follows suit. It has everything to do with recognizing the best of our own culture. Something about electric guitar and doghouse bass, fender fins and hemi engines, rayon shirts and acetate dresses, neon boomerangs and canted glass that tickles the pleasure center in many of our brains. It seems like a real community of very friendly folks who are into, at this point, kind of an esoteric music form. A full house "The sound at Martyrs' is spectacular, the staff there is incredible. We thought we could have a forum for people to get together, try new material, promote a show. There's architecture that looks like spacecraft, furniture that looks like amoebas and kitchen appliances that look like locomotives. There's no law that says it has to happen to everybody, but more often than not, it does. The party-like atmosphere includes socializing, drinking and dancing galore in the crowd, while the rotating lineup onstage usually features the raucous sounds of pompadoured rockabilly musicians wailing away on upright basses and hollow-bodied electric guitars. She waited tables, booked the acts and worked the sound, and he ran the stage. But they're not snobbish about it. Ken Mottet, the show's longtime emcee, believes the night belongs to anyone who loves the music, newcomers included. This is your parents' music, if your parents rocked out to Elvis circa the King's original Sun Sessions.

Big c jamboree

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